Le Volume De Chanel Mascara

in beauty, review, February 16, 2014

Hello everyone! Last May I saw that Chanel were giving out sample sizes of their new mascara, and I signed up at the drop of a hat. I tried this out the first time and knew it was my new favourite mascara! I was so happy when I was bought the full size for my birthday and haven’t stopped using it since.
First of all, I love the sleek, black, classic Chanel packaging. It looks so beautiful, I wouldn’t be able to bear keeping it in a make up bag where it could get messy and covered in scratches and random concealer splodges! It is also an extremely practical slim round tube, so can fit into storage very easily. The wand is silicone, and quite spiky all over to volumise each lash individually therefore reducing clumping and the unattractive look of spider lashes! Also the wand makes it so easy to apply.

I love the way this makes my lashes look! Nearly every lash is separated and it certainly does what it says in the title – give volume. My natural lashes are fairly curly anyway, but it does add some curl as well as volume and a bold black colour, what more does a girl need out of a mascara?! It also lasts all day, and even though it doesn’t claim to be waterproof it lasts a lot longer than waterproof mascaras I’ve had in the past! It doesn’t fall off in those annoying black specks, and the only time it has smudged for me is when I’ve done exercise with it on (no I’m not one of those people that puts make up on to exercise – I’m one of those who forgets to take it off before exercise).

I believe it is worth its price, it is truly my holy grail mascara and I couldn’t be without it in my make up collection!

You can buy Le Volume De Chanel for £24.00!

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