What I Got For My 18th Birthday!

Hello everyone!

I promise you these birthday posts will soon be done with…this is the last one! It’s been an amazing birthday so I’m trying to keep it going as long as I can!

As I had a party – I had more presents than I usually would! This birthday I asked most people for money as I was saving for an iPad.

I’ve put a page break in this because it is SO picture heavy!My friend who I went to college with last year bought me this gorgeous box, and inside was a lovely notebook and a beautiful pink Zebra pen in a lovely box. These will be amazing for blogging!I got the Lauren Conrad Beauty Book and Le Volume De Chanel Mascara from my brother’s girlfriend which was absolutely lovely! She also bought me the 13 Going on 30 DVD..it’s one of my favourite films!I was bought a Me to You Bear with an 18 key from my Auntie & Uncle, an 18 key from Ryan’s Nan and an 18 key with my name engraved into it from Ryan’s Nan & Grandad!Ryan’s Nan and Grandad also bought me this pretty bracelet!Two of my college friends bought me my favourite chocolate and a Boots gift card! Yum and oooh!Ryan’s Auntie bought me these lovely gifts, I’ll have to save the singing candle until next year now though!Ryan’s Auntie and Uncle bought me this mug, perfect for cosy nights in, maybe a Bailey’s Hot Chocolate?My friend bought me this lovely body gift set, it smells amazing!My sister bought me a gift set including the Champagne above (and some glasses) which was lovely! My Auntie & Uncle bought me the bottle of wine, I haven’t tried this wine so we’ll have to wait to see the verdict!Ryan’s Cousin and his girlfriend also gave me this lovely gift they’d put together, I’m forever painting my nails so this is perfect for me!My Auntie & Uncle (that bought me the bottle of wine a few pictures up) also bought me this wine bottle holder which is gorgeous! I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s such a lovely idea.My Auntie & Uncle (who also bought me the Me to You bear) also bought me this gorgeous photo album – I’d wanted this for ages and was planning on buying it after my 18th!The last thing I got was this amazing keepsake – it was passed round at my party for everyone who came to sign. It’ll make me always remember my birthday and the night! Note my boyfriend Ryan wrote #yolo on there under his message…



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