My Year, 2013

I hadn’t realised until now, but 2013 has been quite a great year for me. It has had its ups and downs, but overall I’m feeling quite happy about this year. Please excuse dodgy picture quality, the camera on my iPhone is not amazing!

Me & my friend on my birthday – Paloma Faith concert – Skegness Beach
Me and Paloma Faith – Me on Paloma Faith’s Instagram – Race for Life
Me and Joey Armstrong – Go Local – PENGUIN
Me and Ryan in Devon – Leeds Festival – Paramore concert
Halloween Nails – Playstation 4! – Me and Ryan Christmas Eve


In January this year, me and my boyfriend Ryan celebrated our 4 year anniversary by having a chilled day and going to Nando’s. I also celebrated my 17th birthday, and did my first set of A-Level exams!


In February, me & my Mom went to see Paloma Faith, she was absolutely amazing. I didn’t really do much else, except go to college and go out with friends & Ryan!


In March, I received my much awaited exam results. It is fair to say I was extremely disappointed in this month, and felt like such a failure to myself and those around me. What was extremely disheartening was the fact I had revised more than many people, and had put in so much time and effort and failed, when some people got straight A’s after partying all the time! I realised I needed to stop worrying and up my game for the next set of exams!


In April, I went on a day trip to Skegness with Ryan and his family, which was fun as I hadn’t had a day at the seaside since I was young. I also saw Pink live, I have never seen a woman sing so perfectly while being span around and up and down!


May was a very mixed month! I saw S Club 3 at Gay Pride, and met Paloma Faith afterwards. I have to tell you she’s such a lovely lady, her backing singers were ever so lovely too and all of them including Paloma were so down to earth! However I also had 6 AS Level exams which was not so fun!


On the first day of June, I saw my favourite band, Green Day at the Emirates Stadium. It was amazing! However, 4 days later I had a Psychology exam. Then it was Ryan’s birthday. Then me and my friends did Race for Life, which was the second time I had done it.


In July, me and my Mom went to Go Local in the Olympic Park, and saw many people but mainly McFly! I also went to see Emily’s Army who are an amazing band, then I met the drummer, Joey Armstrong afterwards and he was such a lovely guy! I also went to a Midwifery taster day at Worcester University, I was so nervous but braved it in the end!


August was a huge life changing (you could say) month for me. I went on holiday with Ryan and his family to Devon which was great and fun, I got my exam results when I came back which was not so great, but then I went to Leeds Festival which was amazing! I remember it like it was yesterday and loved Green Day even more from this moment! This was also the same month I began to read blogs and watch YouTube religiously. I think this literally changed my life, however dramatic it may sound. Before this year, I’d watched FleurDeForce, but just randomly every few months and hadn’t subscribed to anyone. The reason why I think it changed my life is the fact that for once there were people who understood some of the situations I’d been in, or when I’d have a crappy day I could come home and have a laugh at all the videos made by YouTubers.
This was also the month I started my blog!


In September, me, Ryan and some of his family went to the annual Festival of Fireworks and I saw Paramore twice, in Manchester and Birmingham. They were amazing as always! I also went back to college, and was only able to carry on two of my A-Levels into A2, and had to pick up an AS. Not fun.


I don’t remember doing much in October at all!


The only memorable thing in November I can think of is getting the Playstation 4! We went to the midnight launch and it was unfortunately broken, so we had to wake up the next morning early to go back and exchange it!


December went by so fast I don’t even know what went on, it was a whirlwind! I was so busy!

Overall, 2013 was a pretty good year. I’m sad to see it go but I hope 2014 is good too! I’m so excited to turn 18, finish college, see people in concert and go to Summer in the City!

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