2013 Empties

in favourites, January 5, 2014

Hello everyone! This post is full of empties I collected from when I started my blog 5 months ago, so I could make a bigger collective 2013 empties post! There are no make-up empties I’m afraid!

Can you tell I’m a bit of a Herbal Essences addict?! I bought the Bee Strong Shampoo and Conditioner when they first came out, as my hair was in need of some serious TLC! I used this up in no time, and it made my hair so soft! The Fresh Balance Shampoo didn’t really change my hair at all, it just kept it clean. I also used the Tousle Me Softly Shampoo which left my natural waves more defined, and made me more happy to not use heat on my hair.

Next, onto the skincare. I used up a full bottle of the L’Oreal 3-in-1 Micellar Water, which has replaced wipes in my make-up removal, and I thought I’d never see the day! I have already repurchased this! I also used up two or three Good Things Stay Clear Cleanser’s, because they are literally amazing and do exactly what it says on the tube. I have repurchased this loads! I also used up a Good Things Face the Day Moisturiser (before this I never really used moisturiser) I think this is amazing, I’d love to try different ones though! I have repurchased this. The last thing I used up in skincare was Lush’s Tea Tree Toner Water. I absolutely love this, but so far I haven’t repurchased it! I need to, soon!

The last category of empties is body empties! I firstly used up a Lush Dream Cream tub, this is amazing for dry skin and sensitive skin, and is even perfect if you have scalp dermatitis, as it is so non greasy –  you can use it anywhere and just feel soft instead of sticky! I would definitely repurchase this. Another product I used up was a mini tub of The Righteous Butter. Before using this I wasn’t sold on body butters and was too lazy to use them, then I fell in love with this. I can’t even explain how much I love it, I now have it in a bigger size. I also used up a Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser which was so good and made my skin rather soft – however it didn’t seem to last very long! I may repurchase this, but only if it was on offer because it really didn’t last long! Next time, I may also buy the dry skin version. The last product I used up was The Body Shop Cranberry Shower Gel. I am a huge fan of the Body Shop shower gels and rarely use anything else, and when I smelt the cranberry scent I had to use this. I loved it so much, and I’m so excited to buy it next year when it’s back in store!

Have you used any of these products? What did you think of them?

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