The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Hand Cream

Hello everyone! I’ve used this hand cream a fair few times now, and other than you knowing it smells gorgeous, I think you should know more!

My hands in winter do not actually go extremely dry. I could live life without hand cream but it’s an added luxury in my bag that I occasionally use. First of all, I absolutely love the smell of this hand cream. It reminds me of Christmas and makes me happy to use it! I put it on after I have washed or sanitised my hands, and it gives them moisture and stops you from getting horrible, sore dry cracked hands.

What is also great about this hand cream is that you only need the tiniest bit to make your hands smell lovely and feel extremely soft.

It makes me sad that this is sold at Christmas only – but it only makes me more excited for next Christmas!

This is currently on SALE for £2 on The Body Shop website!

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