The Body Shop Purchases!

in christmas, haul, December 5, 2013

Hello everyone! I recently attended a Body Shop at Home party at a family members house, I wanted to show you what I ordered and explain how a Body Shop at Home party works!

I took advantage of The Body Shop’s Christmas range this year, as you can see above!

I attended a Body Shop at Home party at the beginning of November, I have been to quite a few before (as my sister used to be a Body Shop at Home Consultant) and I love them for the pure fact you get to smell goodies and try them out. The Body Shop at Home Consultant handed us catalogues with order forms before beginning describing each of the products and passing them around.

As all the goodies were passed round, we had the opportunity to smell them. I took one sniff of the Cranberry Shower Gel and decided it had to be put down on the order form. If you haven’t smelt any of the Christmas range yet, you NEED to pop into a Body Shop ASAP!

I bought two little bits from the Vanilla range and 3 from the Cranberry range.
I ordered a Vanilla Lip Balm, because I absolutely love The Body Shop’s lip balm and I love the smell of Vanilla. The last thing I ordered from the Vanilla range was hand cream, as in winter I get dry hands after being outside in the cold!
From the Cranberry range I ordered a Shower Gel, I always use The Body Shop’s shower gels as they’re soap free which is good for my sensitive skin! I also ordered a ‘Lustre’ Lotion, which is a Body Lotion with shimmer, perfect for the Christmassy season! The last thing I ordered was a Room, Linen and Body Spray because it smelt gorgeous!

Have you bought any of The Body Shop’s Christmas range? Let me know in the comments!

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