Soap & Glory – The Yule Monty!

Hello everyone! As everybody knows, as this is the star gift we’ve all been waiting for..The Yule Monty (in the Limited Edition Jonathan Saunders bag) went on sale today for £27 instead of the usual price of £60!

I woke up at 4am (as I usually do each night) but tonight was different, as I knew The Yule Monty would sell out in the first day online, I sleepily picked up my phone and my card and ordered one in the dark, shining my phone on the card numbers. I then proceeded to go back to sleep, with a lie in (which I wouldn’t have had if I’d have woken up at 7am to order The Yule Monty).

This gift set was such a bargain, that I had to buy it for myself. It contains 9 products, Heel Genius Foot Cream, Butter Yourself Body Lotion, The Scrub of Your Life Body Scrub, Sugar Crush Body Wash, Peaches and Clean Cleanser, Hand Food Hand Cream, The Righteous Butter Body Butter, Thick and Fast Mascara & Sexy Mother Pucker XL Lip Plumping Gloss. I have to say I think I’m going to be a fan of all the products in this GORGEOUS bag.

If you’re wondering how I got this so quickly seeing as I only ordered it at 4am, I had it delivered to my local Boots store and it was there 12 hours later!

You can buy these from Boots stores for £27 (while stocks last until the 19th December 2013) as online stock has now SOLD OUT! They’re such a good bargain if you can get your hands on one! If you bought everything in the bag separately it would cost you £73!

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