Hello everyone! Firstly, I will apologise as this post was meant to be up on Christmas Eve, but I was enjoying a quiet day with my boyfriend and some of my family! These are the last two polishes that were in Mini Mani Month, and I have certainly missed opening the windows these past few days.

Day 23 –  Locket

I absolutely love this silver glittery polish, it seems if you make it more than two coats you could wear it alone! I’m really excited to use this.


Day 24 – A FULL SIZE Serendipity

This is exclusive to Mini Mani Month, and when I opened the window I was SO excited to receive this polish, and so glad I had splurged out on Mini Mani Month! I have rekindled my love for pink this year, so I am very in love with this polish!

I have LOVED Mini Mani Month this year.

Will I buy one next year? I will certainly be tempted.

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