Hello everyone! I thought it was finally time to review my Micellar water as I have been using it now for 3 months!

I use this product solely as a make-up remover rather than a cleanser and toner. I bought this originally when it was on offer in August for about £2. I went looking for it after I had heard it was a dupe for Bioderma on various YouTube reviews and hauls.

When it says on the packaging it dissolves make-up, it’s not lying! I can wipe it on an oval cotton pad over my face once and it will get my face make-up right off! It takes longer to take eye make-up off however, but that’s because there’s a lot more to take off. After using this my eyes and face feel refreshed, rather than when I used to use wipes, I used to feel the need to wash my face with a hot cloth cleanser.

This is a perfect way of taking off your make-up if you are rather lazy, we have to admit it is a step up from wipes! I would say that this Micellar water is probably even quicker than taking off your make-up with a wipe as it is so much more powerful.

A bonus of this Micellar water to me is that it says it is suitable for even sensitive skin. Now, I have extremely sensitive skin so I am always careful about what I put on it. This is absolutely true about this product, it doesn’t make my face red, or blotchy and to me that is absolutely perfect. So if you have sensitive skin, know that this is a perfect make-up remover for you!

It’s so good that I haven’t used anything else to remove my make-up, and after using nearly everyday, my bottle from August has nearly been used up after 3 months so for the price it lasts a long time, and I have only just had to repurchase!

This is £4.99 from Boots, but at the moment it is in Asda for £2!

Have you tried this micellar water? What did you think of it?


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