Hello everyone! About a month ago, I was reading through my emails and noticed one from BlogLovin’ telling me about Zoella‘s new post. She had her own sunglasses?!

I read the post and saw that they were limited edition, and was afraid I wouldn’t get to the website in time. Thankfully, I did!

The sunglasses are wayfarer style, in black and mint green. They came with a lovely free pouch, to save them from getting scratched! When they arrived, I was so excited to open the parcel they were packaged in. I loved the detailing on the inner arms of the glasses, one saying ‘Zoella’ and the other saying ‘Just say yes!’ which is a phrase I love and need to live by!

They are UV 400 Protection, so they are certainly really good for the price you pay (sometimes you pay a certain price for a pair of sunglasses to find they don’t protect your eyes at all!). It’s safe to say I love these and would recommend them to anyone.

If you’d like to buy some, you can get them on the Detour website! At the time of publishing they were still in stock. Sorry for the rather short review but there hasn’t been much sun for me to test them against, haha.


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