What’s in my College bag?

in lifestyle, September 15, 2013

Hello everyone! So today I’m back at college unfortunately! I am going to show you what is in my everyday college bag.

You may recognise my bag from my haul post. This is from Next and you can buy it here. It’s a gorgeous berry colour, and is like a ‘Mary Poppins’ bag, you can fit tons of folders in there!

Next I have a refill pad from WH Smith, to write all my notes from my lessons in. I also have an academic diary to write all of my deadlines and exams in which is very useful! I got it from Paperchase.

Now for college, you can never have two many pens! I have two packs of Berol pens, one Broad and one Fine, mostly for making revision posters. Then I have one pack of Staedtler fineliners, which are the most useful item to have while you’re at school or college!

My pencil case consists of many biros, and a pink Stabilo Boss Highlighter, for all those notes!

I also have my essentials, everyone needs a bottle of water to keep them well hydrated, I make sure I always have one in my bag. I also have my iPod and bus pass for those long bus journeys, and my memory stick in case I need to bring in any presentations.

Lastly are my beauty essentials for college! I always have a pack of tissues to hand, especially in the winter months. I also have my emergency Stylfile, which are the most amazing nail files, you can even attach this one to your keys! Another beauty essential every girl needs is a mirror, and this one is perfect with both a magnifying side and a normal side. Lip balm is definitely another essential, I have my Maybelline Baby Lips Intense Repair and Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose. I love how moisturising both these lip balms are, and how nice the Nivea one smells!

I always find myself needing a hair bobble or hair grips when I don’t have them on me, so I’ve decided these need to go in my college bag this year! The last beauty essential I have is body spray, Mist You Madly from Soap & Glory. It smells absolutely amazing.

So, that’s all for my college bag (for now)!