Primark Haul AW13

in fashion, haul, September 28, 2013

Hello everyone, I have recently gone absolutely CRAZY in Primark with two of my friends and I thought I’d show you everything I bought. Before the massive shop, I found myself short of Autumn and Winter clothing, and in need of a huge spend! I apologise for the bad lighting on my photos!

Kimono Look Blazer £8
I loved this as soon as I saw it but was unsure whether to buy it. I had to go through a major decision in my head as to what this would go with. I decided some nice jeans, an oversized t-shirt with a statement necklace and some loafer style shoes.


Penguin T-Shirt £5

Everyone that knows me knows this is the perfect top for me. I am absolutely obsessed with penguins, and before you could say “Penguin” I had found my size and this was in my basket. It’s a lovely oversized t-shirt and I think it’s my favourite thing I bought!


Marvel T-Shirt £6

I love this shirt, although I like to think I’m quite girly (in some ways) I love watching Superhero movies. I just thought this t-shirt was fun and it’s a fitted shirt, which I like.


Coca Cola Top £7

This is a Raglan style top, and it reminded me of cold nights by the fire with a bottle of glass Coca Cola. Perfect.


Pug T-Shirt £5

I have been looking for this T-Shirt for months. Well, the crop version. But I saw this and had to have it!


Shirt £10

I really wanted to buy some wearable shirts to wear to college and this looked perfect. I love the sleeves and shoulders being a navy colour rather than being plain white.


Green Vest £4

I thought this green vest would look good with some leggings, and I love the leather look detailing on the pocket.


 Leather Look Skirt £6
I love the look of leather skirts and when I saw this for just six pounds I knew it had to be mine. I can’t wait to pair this with some chunky tights and my Doc Martens.


’80’s Jazzy’ Cardigan £7

This is not Primark’s actual name for this cardigan, it’s what I’ve called it because I think that’s what it looks like. I absolutely love this because I love 80’s fashion, and fell in love with it, even though it won’t be everyones cup of tea.


Silver Jumper £8

I think this looks more of a lilac colour myself, but Primark have labelled it as silver. This will be lovely to pair with some trousers, leggings or a skirt. It just looked so snuggly and warm!


Over the Knee Socks £2.50

I love wearing over the knee socks and I can’t wait to wear these!


Christmas Earrings £2

I am absolutely Christmas obsessed. All year round I look forward to Christmas and can’t help but get everyone into the spirit of things. I love these cute Christmas studs and just thought they were so me.


Fingerless/Mittens £2 each

 I was in need of a new pair of gloves and when I saw these Christmas gloves I went mad and had to buy nearly all of them! Ooops.

Penguin Beanie £3

Like I mentioned before, I absolutely love penguins. This will be worn so much throughout Autumn and Winter!


Scarf £4

I fell in love with this pretty scarf as soon as I saw it. It seems like the perfect scarf to pair with an outfit when it’s not cold enough to wear a snood.

Necklace £3

I thought this necklace would go perfectly with a nice oversized top! I don’t own much fashion jewellery and thought this was a great start.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, is there anything you like the look of or have you been eyeing up Primark’s AW collection? Let me know in the comments!

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