Make-up Firsts & Fails

in beauty, makeup, September 7, 2013

I noticed this tag over on Love and Liquor’s blog, and thought it would be quite fun to do. I’m glad I realised that the make up I was wearing REALLY didn’t suit me quite soon after I started wearing it. Not until after I was professionally photographed at my Auntie and Uncle’s wedding, however. Eek.






Max Factor Creme Puff: Even though I had this in the Translucent shade it made me the most orange I’ve ever been with bad foundations. It looked absolutely awful and I wore it to my Auntie & Uncle’s wedding, looking orange in all of the photos.

Avon Colour Trend Concealer Stick: I wanted something to cover up my spots at the age of 13, and unfortunately picked this. It was absolutely awful. However, I used it for its actual purpose, unlike a lot of people in my school, who used it as lipstick.

Maybelline Pure Foundation Mineral: I had this in the lightest shade, and only used it for special occasions. I only recently stopped using this a few months ago, after I noticed it was actually a really bad colour and didn’t blend well. I think I’m just too pale for Maybelline foundations.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse: I also had this in the lightest shade, but this was absolutely awful! I think every girl had it, and I wish I hadn’t spent any money on this. Thankfully I realised it was awful quite quickly.

Barry M Dazzle Dust: I know what people are going to think, this isn’t a fail. However it was for me. Unluckily I wore it thinking I looked really good, until by the end of the day I could hardly see. It turns out I was pretty allergic to this and my eyes were extremely red and puffy. Sexy.

Mary Kate and Ashley Lip Gloss: I remember buying this in my local Asda supermarket when I was about 6, I thought I looked amazing with it on and like many other make up products when I was younger than 15, hardly using it.