Thursday, 30 March 2017

Malteser Cheesecake

This is the first thing I've baked in a while, I've missed it so much! I've actually been meaning to make this since last October and I've only just got round to it. I always find that cheesecakes are quite quick and easy to make, so I thought it'd be a good thing to ease me back in to baking. Maltesers and Comic Relief were also doing something for charity when I baked this, if you used #bakeamillion on a social media platform and uploaded a photo of your Maltesers bake, they'd donate £5 on your behalf to Comic Relief. I found this recipe on UniLad.

You will need:
300g Malted Milk biscuits
125g Butter
75g Horlicks (You can use malt extract if you prefer)
200g Icing Sugar
800g Cream Cheese
300ml Double Cream
300g Maltesers

1. For your base, either put the biscuits in a food processor or a food bag and bash with a rolling pin until they are breadcrumb consistency. Melt the butter and mix in with the biscuits to create your buttery biscuit base. Put the base in a lined cake tin, spread out evenly and then pop it in the fridge for 30 minutes to set.
2. While your base is setting, chop 150g of your Maltesers in half and then mix all the Maltesers back in together. Weigh out 150g of the whole and halved Maltesers into a separate bowl.
3. Also while your base is setting, whip your double cream until it is just stiff.
4. Put your cream cheese, Horlicks and icing sugar in a bowl and mix until combined.
5. Fold your whipped double cream into the mixture.
6. Add 150g of the whole and halved Maltesers into the mixture. Then pour the mixture into the cake tin and spread out evenly.
7. Put the cheesecake in the fridge to set for 3-4 hours or overnight. When it is set, sprinkle the rest of the Maltesers on top. Delicious!
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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Disneyland Paris: Day Five

Today was our last day at Disneyland Paris! We all felt sad to be going home, but glad to be getting back to warm England haha. We explored the Disneyland Park, went on Buzz's Laser Blast and then went to McDonald's, before heading back to the hotel to collect our bags.

We then went back to Marne-La-Vallee to get the train to Lille and luckily there was next to no wait to check in for the Eurostar. This Eurostar was newer than the one we got on the way here and it had wifi! When we got back to London, we found out the other two's flight had been delayed. It was so annoying and I felt so bad for them. We got back on our train home and I was so excited to show everyone my purchases.
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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Happy Mum, Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher

Me reading this book is in no way an indication that I want children - not for a long time - it isn't a parenting guide in any way, shape or form. It's more of an autobiographical account of Giovanna's personal experience as a Mother and I think that's what makes it so interesting. I've been a huge fan of Giovanna for a few years now, I really enjoy watching her vlogs, reading her books and seeing her Instagram posts pop up on my feed. The way she writes makes you want to laugh with her, cry with her and feel proud of her, when you don't even know her personally. 

I read Happy Mum, Happy Baby in two sittings, which for me is rather quick as I have the shortest attention span ever. I literally could not put it down until I had to. The opening chapter tugs at your heart strings and you're instantly drawn in. I love how honest Giovanna is in this book - I can imagine if you were a Mom and experienced the same feelings Giovanna has, you wouldn't feel alone. I love how nothing is glossed over and how she has shared some difficult things, which will certainly help other women going through the same things.

The book touches upon breastfeeding, travelling with small children and sleep as a parent, which for a pregnant woman or a Mom are all relatable things. Giovanna's humour comes through in her writing which makes the book even more enjoyable to read. The photos throughout the book are adorable and funny, they're a perfect addition to the text. I'd definitely recommend reading this book to anyone, it would also make an amazing Mother's Day gift.

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Disneyland Paris: Day Four

Today I felt a lot better than I did the day before. We headed into the Studios park after breakfast. We had a look in some of the shops before going on the Aladdin Flying Carpet ride, Cars ride and Slinky ride. When we came off the Slinky ride, we noticed a queue and Mickey Mouse at the end of it. So obviously we joined it and met Mickey!

While the others queued for Crush's Coaster, I went shopping and into the Disneyland Park to watch the Parade. Eugene/Flynn and Prince Adam (Human Beast) said Happy Birthday! I then went back to the Studios park to meet my friends. We got our tea time treat and then went to McDonald's before watching the Star Wars light show. It was absolutely incredible!

We then went to the Disneyland Park to watch Dreams for the last time, this made me sad! But also we were glad we could see Dreams again, we thought the Star Wars show clashed with it. After Dreams, we went to Planet Hollywood for dinner and then to the Sports Bar for the long awaited Glo-Tini which was magical. We headed back to the hotel afterwards to pack.
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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Disneyland Paris: Day Three

Today was my birthday! I felt so ill and achey that I didn't actually get out of bed for hours, I couldn't even go for breakfast so my friend brought me a croissant up to the room. When I finally found the energy to get ready, we headed to Paris on what felt like the longest train journey ever.

We saw the Arc de Triomphe first which I absolutely loved seeing, we walked down the street that it's on and I felt so ill and thirsty that we stopped off at the ever so French McDonald's. I then popped into a pharmacy to pick up some Bioderma as it's my favourite micellar water. We all went into Sephora too, I bought some face masks as I'd heard good things about them and I can't wait to try them. We carried on walking for a while down that street before hopping on a train to the Louvre. We got there when the sun was setting so it was a beautiful time to see it and take photos.

My friend and her boyfriend went in the Louvre, whilst me and my other friend went on a walk along the Seine before we all headed to the Hard Rock Café for my birthday dinner. I loved the music and the food! The pudding I had was especially amazing - who doesn't love molten chocolate cake for pudding. I was also extremely happy about the refillable drinks there. 

After the Hard Rock Café, we went to the Eiffel Tower. I waited at the bottom while the rest of them went up and it was absolutely freezing. We got on the train back for another long journey and went back to the hotel.
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