Thursday, 16 February 2017

Disneyland Paris Haul January 2017

If you've been reading my blog over the past few weeks or follow me on Twitter, you'll know that in mid-January I went to Disneyland Paris. I had some birthday money given to me before I went and whilst I was there so I spent it wisely on all these lovely Disney things.

The Fox and the Hound Soft Toys (19,99€ each)
One of my favourite Disney films is the Fox and the Hound. I saw these Todd and Copper soft toys in one of the shops in Disneyland on the first day and I knew I had to go back for them. I convinced myself that it was okay to buy them because they were Disneyland Paris exclusives.

It's an unwritten rule that you must buy some Disney headwear when you go to a Disney park. I knew I wanted to buy more than one pair of ears but I wasn't sure which ones. I ended up going with the classic Minnie ears (14,99€) first of all, then the Alice in Wonderland (19,99€) ones. I love the theming of the Alice ones, the little teapot on the bow and how they say 'Eat Me' and 'Drink Me' on them.

Arribas Tiara (18,99€)
I saw the tiaras in the shop inside the castle and had to buy one. Tiaras are really pretty and this was my favourite one. I don't know when I'm going to wear it, I might just wear it around the house haha!

Arribas Beauty and the Beast Rose (39,99€)
I'd seen this ornament before I went and I also saw this in the shop inside the castle, I bought it because it's just so beautiful. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney films and I just couldn't leave this behind.

I got so excited when I saw this Chip Mug (9,99€). It's plastic so not like the Florida Chip Mugs, but it's still amazing nonetheless. I bought the Toy Story Alien magnet (4,99€), because I thought I was imagining that we already had one on the fridge - I got home and we had. I also got the light up ice cube from my Glo-Tini and it's amazing.

As soon as I saw the pins I knew I'd be buying a few. I had to buy the Hotel Cheyenne pin (8,99€) as I wanted a memory of where I'd stayed. I also wanted a pin with the year I went on, so I picked the 2017 castle pin (6,99€). I picked up a Star Wars Season of the Force pin (6,99€) up for a souvenir of going during that season. Then finally I chose an Ariel pin (6,99€) because she's my favourite Disney Princess and a Mary Poppins pin (6,99€) because I love that it says 'Practically Perfect in Every Way'.

While I was in Disneyland I also bought some presents for people. I thought I'd write about what I bought in case you're going to DLP so you know these things are available. I bought a Buzz Lightyear baby vest and I bought three keyrings - the Cheshire Cat, Captain America and Darth Vader's Lightsaber. I also bought a Minnie Mouse pen, Maleficent pin and a box of Mickey shortbread.
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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Disneyland Paris: Day Two

We woke up, got ready and went for breakfast where I enjoyed plenty of croissants. Then we headed to the park after popping our Minnie ears on. When we first got there I went to City Hall, I got a birthday badge, sticker and a birthday phone call from a very special mouse! We took plenty of photos in and by the castle, including that delightful one of me pulling the sword out of the stone, then headed for the rides. We went on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs then Pinocchio's Fantastic Journey, which are definitely my kind of rides. 

I took photos whilst two of my friends went on the Dumbo ride, then we went on the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups. This was my favourite mainly because of the Alice in Wonderland theming, but I am also a huge fan of teacups. We went and took photos at the Unbirthday party before heading through the maze which I loved! All the Wonderland theming, to die for. It feels like an unwritten rule when you're at Disneyland to go on It's a Small World, so that's what we did next. I thoroughly enjoyed it haha, the song was definitely stuck in my head for a long time afterwards.

While my friends went on Big Thunder Mountain (I'm not a fan of rides haha), I did a bit of shopping. Afterwards we met back up, got our tea time treat from Casey's and took our spot for the Parade. I couldn't wait for the parade after watching so many YouTuber's Disneyland Paris vlogs, Snow White said Happy Birthday to me. I absolutely loved hearing Magic on Parade.

After the parade, my friends went on Orbitron and then we all went on Buzz's Laser Blast before our dinner at the Plaza Garden - a thoroughly disappointing buffet. All I ate was a cornetto! We then explored the Disney Village a bit, where I bought Alice in Wonderland ears and then we went back to the hotel.
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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Whether it's for the man or woman in your life, if they have a game console that they like to play and you know a game they would like it's a great Valentine's gift. I love the Telltale games, I'm loving the Batman one at the moment so I'd definitely recommend these games.

This is a no brainer for Valentine's Day, you either find a smell you like or you already know they like. A few I like the smell of are Givenchy Play, Boss Bottled, Paco Rabanne 1 Million and Davidoff Cool Water. 

Beard Grooming Kit
A lot of men have beards nowadays and this is such a good idea for Valentine's, especially if you want to hint at the man in your life that his beard needs a tidy. It contains beard oil, moustache wax, scissors and a comb that is shaped like a moustache.

Ted Baker Earrings
These rose gold Ted Baker earrings are gorgeous and they're heart shaped, so perfect for Valentine's Day. I personally love to receive jewellery as a gift and especially love rose gold!

This is another no brainer for Valentine's Day. I've included three of my favourites in the photos above. The first is Paco Rabanne Olympea, which is my absolute favourite, the heart note in this is Salted Vanilla. The second is Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom, the heart notes in this are floral scents of Jasmin and Peony. The last is Vera Wang Lovestruck, the heart notes in this are tuberose and lotus blossom. All three of these perfume bottles are beautiful too.

Lush Products
I don't know many females that wouldn't love to receive Lush products for Valentine's Day. The Valentine's range is wonderful, especially the Cupid bath bomb pictured and the Unicorn Horn bubble bar.

What's the best Valentine's gift you've ever recieved?
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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Disneyland Paris: Day One

We woke up rather early (6:30am) on the first day to get the Eurostar, after staying in London the night before. We checked in to the Eurostar and boarded pretty much straightaway. It felt like we got to France in no time because I fell asleep before we went in the tunnel and woke up after we came out. We got to Lille and the first thing we saw was Primark and 'Le Pub' so we felt right at home, however we had a long wait at Lille, it was freezing cold and the station was dripping. It was so cold I bought a cookie and it was rock hard! We got on the train to Marne-la-Vallée Chessy and it felt rather quick after waiting for it for so long.

After a quick shuttle bus ride, we all met up outside Hotel Cheyenne and checked in together. We paid 10€ altogether for an upgrade to one of the newly refurbished rooms. They were kitted out with Woody's Round Up themed gear and we loved the Toy Story theming in the bathroom and bedroom - especially the curtains and the horseshoe mirror. We spent some time unpacking before heading out to the hotel shop and being amazed by everything.

We then headed out to the Disneyland Park, where I bought ears and I quote "I can't see the castle if I don't have Minnie ears on!". I saw the castle for the first time and oh my god I nearly cried. It was magical. We went to City Hall to reserve a table at the Chuck Wagon Café in our hotel for dinner, looked around Main Street a bit and got our teatime treat from Casey's. We only managed to get one ride in before Dreams, which was Buzz Lightyear's Laser Blast - I was SO bad at it haha, but loved spinning around. We took our spot for Dreams and danced around while waiting because it was absolutely freezing! Once it began I couldn't take my eyes off the castle. Dreams is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen and I wish I could watch it every night. 

We went back to the Cheyenne for our dinner, it was such a relief to sit down and eat. I had plenty of carbs for dinner which is always good and a Cornetto to finish. We went back to the room and watched Disney Channel.
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Thursday, 2 February 2017

What I got for my 21st Birthday

This post is quite a late one considering my birthday was nearly two weeks ago, but I've been ill, been to Disneyland Paris and wanted some time to chill before getting back into blogging. This is the first birthday in a while that I've done a 'What I got for my birthday' post, as I'm not usually a huge fan of my birthday, but this year it was a special one. The usual disclaimer applies to this, I'm not bragging and I'm incredibly grateful for everything everyone bought me.

MacBook Air
I was shocked to receive this for my birthday but so glad. The windows laptop I'd been using just wasn't cutting it for me and I'd wanted a MacBook for the longest time. It's thanks to this that this post is being written.

Vivienne Westwood Watch
This is definitely the most beautiful piece of jewellery I've ever owned and I fell in love with it as soon as I opened it. The black and gold is classic, it will go with everything. I love the little details like the orb charm and the fact the second hand looks like an arrow with a heart. I was shocked to receive this, it's definitely one of the best presents I've ever been given.

Ted Baker Earrings
These earrings are gorgeous and match my new watch perfectly, both black and gold. They're so pretty and dainty, I've been wearing these a lot since my birthday.

Paco Rabanne Olympea EDP
Oh. My. God. This is the most incredible perfume I've ever smelt. I'll definitely be buying this again once it runs out cause it just smells so good, I've received so many compliments on it. The bottle is gorgeous too.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens
I'd wanted this game for my PS4 for so long and I was so happy I got it for my birthday. My favourite games are Lego games, I've already played this a bit and I love it so far, until I get stuck haha.

I was happy to receive money to take with me to Disneyland Paris, which meant I could buy a lot of things I wanted when I went on my trip. I also received British money, which I think I'll save towards a holiday unless I decide to treat myself!

I was given two chocolate plaques from Thorntons, one didn't make it to the photo because I was given it afterwards and ate it straightaway haha. It's safe to say both of them are long gone now.

Lush Blooming Beautiful Gift Set
This is such a gorgeous gift set, even the wrapping paper is beautiful. It contains the Honey Bee bath bomb and Rose Jam bubbleroon, both of which I've wanted to try for so long. I'll be doing a separate post on this.

Lush Cupid Bath Bomb
This is one of the bath bombs from the Valentine's range. I've already used this and it's such a lovely bath bomb, there's a photo of it in action on my Instagram. It made my skin feel so soft and I'll definitely have to buy myself another one of these.

Alice in Wonderland Bath Set
I'd seen this gift set before Christmas and thought how lovely it was. I'm a huge fan of anything Alice in Wonderland and I can't wait to use these.

Travel Toiletries
I received a make up bag filled with travel toiletries including Batiste, hand sanitiser, cotton pads, Aussie conditioner and Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser sponges. These came in very handy for Paris!

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream Set
This hand cream set will be so useful. My hands are unbearably dry in winter and I'm forever using hand cream so this will keep me going for a while. The scents in this set are Citron, Rosewater, Tarocco Orange, Pomegranate, Lily and Somerset Meadow.
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