Monday, 29 June 2015

25 Facts About Me

As this blog has been going for nearly two years, I thought it was about time you get to know a little bit more about me.

1. I used to think paint dry was a programme, due to people saying 'this is more boring than watching paint dry'. I was a gullible child. I'm still gullible...
2. I am obsessed with Christmas. As soon as October comes round it's time for me to get out the Christmas films, songs, lists. I would literally have a grotto as my house.
3. Vegetables are my favourite food. There is nothing better than broccoli, peas and baby corn with a bit of mint sauce.
4. I've wanted to be a photographer since the age of about 4. My favourite subjects are landscapes and people. When I was 15, this developed into wanting to be a fashion photographer. 
5. I once cried in McDonald's when I went on holiday in Cornwall. My Mom had told me to get a Happy Meal you had to be happy. I thought they wouldn't give me one because they thought I wasn't happy...
6. I am allergic to cinnamon, which is especially hard around Christmas when everyone's telling me how nice it is and putting it into everything they bake!
7. I hate rides. My idea of hell is going on a roller coaster at a theme park.
8. I tell the time in a strange way. I say 40 past 10 instead of 20 to 11 and so on. So much so that once I was late to meet a friend because she said to meet and 20 to and I saw it as 20 past the next hour.
9. I once cried in a Doctor Who exhibition in Blackpool, aged 11. I am terrified of the Clockwork robots and one of those was following me around. Nightmares!
10. I don't really like pizza. I've eaten it a few times before but it would never ever be my first choice as a meal.
11. Freeze Dried Strawberries are my favourite snack. Unfortunately I can't find anywhere they sell them, except in the Science Museum in London.
12. I am almost too organised. If my plans change I will become very stressed because I've planned my whole day around them.
13. I love most genres of music. The only genre I can't really listen to is classical, it makes me feel tired.
14. I don't like tea/coffee, which is a huge shocker to some people.
15. I eat like I'm left handed. I hold the knife in my left hand and the fork in my right. My family find this very weird.
16. I have been to over 40 concerts.
17. I didn't have a name for almost a month after I was born. I was 'baby girl' from the 21st January to the 20th February.
18. I have met John Barrowman, Pixie Lott, Paloma Faith, The Maine & Joey Armstrong. All of them are absolutely lovely people.
19. People find it strange that I eat dry bread, toast and pasta.
20. I can't stand butter. Hence the dry bread and toast.
21. I stopped letting my Mom pick out my clothes when I was 6, luckily I could actually create outfits.
22. I am terrified of spiders. If I was alone in the house and I saw a spider I'd have to go out. I don't think I'll ever be able to live alone because of this!
23. I used to make videos with my friends and some of them were on YouTube.
24. I only eat chicken, bacon and sausage out of every meat.
25. I think I eat chocolate everyday, if there's none in the house I get grumpy.

Comment 3 facts about you!
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  1. Christmas is my life. Really enjoyed reading this! xx

  2. I keep meaning to do a post like this! Such a good read :) can't believe you don't like pizza though!
    3 facts about me:
    I'm obsessed with Topshop and I always check there first before I buy anything
    My favourite food is junk food (totally the opposite to you!)
    When I'm with my friends and family I'm the 'loud one' but in all other situations I am painfully shy!

    Just found your blog lovely, definitely following :)

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL

  3. Haha these are all so random!

    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    Btw check out my sweet Lightbox Giveaway if you haven’t already!


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