Monday, 29 June 2015

25 Facts About Me

As this blog has been going for nearly two years, I thought it was about time you get to know a little bit more about me.

1. I used to think paint dry was a programme, due to people saying 'this is more boring than watching paint dry'. I was a gullible child. I'm still gullible...
2. I am obsessed with Christmas. As soon as October comes round it's time for me to get out the Christmas films, songs, lists. I would literally have a grotto as my house.
3. Vegetables are my favourite food. There is nothing better than broccoli, peas and baby corn with a bit of mint sauce.
4. I've wanted to be a photographer since the age of about 4. My favourite subjects are landscapes and people. When I was 15, this developed into wanting to be a fashion photographer. 
5. I once cried in McDonald's when I went on holiday in Cornwall. My Mom had told me to get a Happy Meal you had to be happy. I thought they wouldn't give me one because they thought I wasn't happy...
6. I am allergic to cinnamon, which is especially hard around Christmas when everyone's telling me how nice it is and putting it into everything they bake!
7. I hate rides. My idea of hell is going on a roller coaster at a theme park.
8. I tell the time in a strange way. I say 40 past 10 instead of 20 to 11 and so on. So much so that once I was late to meet a friend because she said to meet and 20 to and I saw it as 20 past the next hour.
9. I once cried in a Doctor Who exhibition in Blackpool, aged 11. I am terrified of the Clockwork robots and one of those was following me around. Nightmares!
10. I don't really like pizza. I've eaten it a few times before but it would never ever be my first choice as a meal.
11. Freeze Dried Strawberries are my favourite snack. Unfortunately I can't find anywhere they sell them, except in the Science Museum in London.
12. I am almost too organised. If my plans change I will become very stressed because I've planned my whole day around them.
13. I love most genres of music. The only genre I can't really listen to is classical, it makes me feel tired.
14. I don't like tea/coffee, which is a huge shocker to some people.
15. I eat like I'm left handed. I hold the knife in my left hand and the fork in my right. My family find this very weird.
16. I have been to over 40 concerts.
17. I didn't have a name for almost a month after I was born. I was 'baby girl' from the 21st January to the 20th February.
18. I have met John Barrowman, Pixie Lott, Paloma Faith, The Maine & Joey Armstrong. All of them are absolutely lovely people.
19. People find it strange that I eat dry bread, toast and pasta.
20. I can't stand butter. Hence the dry bread and toast.
21. I stopped letting my Mom pick out my clothes when I was 6, luckily I could actually create outfits.
22. I am terrified of spiders. If I was alone in the house and I saw a spider I'd have to go out. I don't think I'll ever be able to live alone because of this!
23. I used to make videos with my friends and some of them were on YouTube.
24. I only eat chicken, bacon and sausage out of every meat.
25. I think I eat chocolate everyday, if there's none in the house I get grumpy.

Comment 3 facts about you!
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Thursday, 25 June 2015

River Island Mom Jeans X Public Desire Boots

Vest Top - Hollister | Jeans - River Island | White & Black Boots - Public Desire

As it's meant to be Summer now, I thought I'd put one of my casual summer outfits up! I picked up the jeans in River Island a few months ago and I was incredibly happy that a pair of jeans finally fit me. These are Mom jeans, a different style to what I'd usually go for but I love the fit of them and how high waisted they are! They are perfect to wear with crop tops throughout the summer and look great with trainers and skate shoes. 

I also love how a casual outfit with jeans can be dressed up with a pair of heeled Chelsea boots. I love these ones I've styled my outfit with here, from Public Desire. I couldn't decide whether I wanted white or black so I bought them both! I think I prefer the white with this outfit in particular because they're more suitable for summer and with the light coloured top.

Do you prefer the white or black boots?
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Monday, 22 June 2015

Topshop Red Strappy Lace Dress

Dress - Topshop | Sandals - George at ASDA
I originally saw this gorgeous dress in my local Topshop and scoured the rails for my size, which wasn't anywhere to be seen. It was also out of stock online, so my Mom kindly took me to an Outfit store a bit further out the way to get my hands on this dress! My favourite colour to wear is red and I absolutely love square necklines so I knew it had to be mine. I think I'll be wearing this a lot throughout summer, it can be worn as a day dress with sandals like I've styled it here, or with heels and a clutch for a summer party. 
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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Dr. PAWPAW Original Balm

Who knew such a small tube could do so much?! When I was first told about this multi-purpose balm, I didn't believe at all that it could do everything it says on the tube. But here we are, this balm is as multi-purpose as it gets. It actually reminds me somewhat of Vaseline, which is highly likely as one of the ingredients is petroleum jelly. However this Dr Paw Paw Balm* is like a tube and so much less greasy. I thought the 10ml tube I was sent (product usually 25ml) would last about a day but boy was I wrong! It feels like it will last for months. At first it felt very tough to squeeze out due to the texture and when it finally came out, I was surprised how light it actually felt on the skin.

This balm can literally be used for most things you can think of. The obvious would be lips. I'm so glad it absorbs quickly as I hate the greasy feeling most similar products leave behind. With this, that is barely there. It is soothing on spots, hydrates my cuticles so well and is even good as a bit of a mask for my severely dry scalp before I wash it. I love how versatile it is and it's wonderful that even the full-size is handbag size. I'm so glad I came across this and I will definitely be repurchasing it, it is a balm miracle.
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Monday, 15 June 2015

Scholl Party Feet Gel Heel Cushions

One thing I really don't like about wearing shoes for a long period of time is that burning feeling in my heels. All I want to do once I feel that is take my shoes off and stick them in a bold of cold water and cover them in foot cream. That feeling happens most when I'm shopping, at a party or having a day out somewhere like London which involves a large amount of walking! What I love about the Scholl Party Feet* is the fact that you can put them in any shoe and they will stay in place due to their sticky back.

They provide so much relief on tired feet, especially from a lot of dancing! That achy, hot and sore feeling you usually feel in your heels after you've been dancing the night away is barely there as the gel pads are really cooling on your feet! They feel so soft on your heels and you can hardly notice them in your shoes. They look like you'd use them once and throw them away but they're actually washable - which was a surprise to me due to the sticky backs! The gel cushions come with backing sheets and a handy pouch, great for popping in your bag and even your clutch for those times when your feet are burning! They're such a great idea, I'm so glad I found out about them.
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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Stella & Dot Eva Ear Jacket & Giveaway (CLOSED)

I don't include jewellery too often on my blog and I'm not sure why, because I love it! Earrings are one of my main loves, I almost feel bare without earrings in and they add detail to my 'surrounding facial area'. Packs of earrings can be great because it means you can change up the looks and they'll still match. The lovely Ella sent me these Eva Ear Jackets which are amazing, you can wear them 4 different ways either as studs or with the attachment which doubles up as a back to the earrings. In the pack you get the studs, backs and attachments so you can wear them however you want. Who knew two pairs of earrings could be made to look so different?!

The earrings feel lightweight even with the attachment, which I think is great as there's nothing worse than earrings that feel like they're weighing your ears down! They're ever so pretty and the studs can be worn everyday to work or school, while you can dress your ears up with the attachments for the night time for a party or meal out. They didn't make my ears hurt or ache like a lot of other earrings do, so they're in my good books! If you'd like to win a pair of these gorgeous earrings for yourself, enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Open to UK residents only. The giveaway is running from now until midnight 2nd July 2015. Good luck!

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Monday, 8 June 2015

Summer Shoes Wishlist

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

One - Birkenstock Madrid Casual Sandals*
Birkenstocks are the ultimate ladies sandals. However ugly they are I just love something about them. I look at them and they just scream comfort! I love how they're indented so your feet fit inside them perfectly. They'd go perfectly with jeans or shorts over the summer, I wasn't a huge fan of sandals but I think I'd love a pair of these simply for the comfort factor!

Two - Nike Skateboarding Stefan Janoski Trainers
I'm a huge fan of the Nike SB's. I know I don't skate but they're really nice trainers and I love how low the sides are, especially for the summer. They also come in easy to wear colours, which is great since I'm not a massive fan of those bright neon trainers that come from some other brands.

Three - Vans Multi Sk8-Hi Slim Disney Princess Trainers
I am obsessed with Disney Princesses and everything with them on. In all honesty I'd love a pair of the low Disney Princess vans but they're only in junior sizes. These are the second best thing and they would be so lovely to wear, especially with the pretty Disney Princess colours which will be great for summer.

Four - TIGA Smudge Print Skaters
I love skater shoes, especially for summer. I have two pairs from Topshop from last summer and they're still going strong so I know they're good quality! The print on these is fun and summery. They'd be lovely to wear with shorts, jeans and anything that went with the colours in them.

Five - Tan Premium Leather Tassel Loafers
I've wanted a pair of tan loafers for so long but I couldn't find the perfect ones. I think I have finally found the perfect ones! These will go perfectly with dresses, playsuits, shorts, basically everything that the tan colour goes with. 
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Thursday, 4 June 2015

3 Ways to Wear: Black Trousers

I haven't owned a nice pair of black trousers for absolutely years and now I own a gorgeous pair, I thought it'd be the right time to show you how I like to style them. You can make black trousers look smart or casual and that's what I love about them, they're so versatile. They're definitely a classic piece to keep in your wardrobe all year round, you don't know when they'll come in handy. The pair I have are from Missguided, I love the zip detail down the side, it adds that little bit extra to plain black trousers!

Outfit 1 - Party Time | ASOS Floral Top and New Look Heels
This is more of a 'going out' look, for those times when you don't want to wear a dress and you fancy a classy, stylish outfit. I love this top from ASOS, I'm really into high necks at the moment so this is my go-to party outfit. I'm not too keen on floral prints but I love the big, bold flowers on the top which makes it perfect for summer! The top brightens up the outfit so much. I decided to style this outfit with heeled sandals, which are also a wonderful staple in your wardrobe for summer and I think they look gorgeous with these trousers.

Outfit 2 - Smart Casual | Topshop Crop and Topshop Skate Shoes
I would say this is a 'shopping' look, not just because I have been shopping in this outfit but because it's also really comfortable! This makes a difference from wearing a pair of jeans out in the day and you can easily take this look from daytime to evening by changing the shoes. Because the trousers are quite high waisted, even with a crop top you don't show too much flesh, which is great for me!

Outfit 3 - Smart Chic | New Look Sheer Blouse (similar linked) and Jasper Conran Shoes
This outfit is perfect for a meeting, evening meal or a work dinner. It is so smart but still very chic! I love that the blouse wraps over, it looks so much better than a plain button up blouse. I think this look could be made a little bit more 'grunge' with a leather jacket. 

How do you like to wear black trousers?
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Monday, 1 June 2015

My Skincare Routine

I haven't written a skincare routine since November 2013 and I've changed it a few times since then, so I thought I'd do a little update! Something I love to splurge on instead of save is skincare. I've used so many different skin products over the past 7/8 years trying to improve my skin and I've found it has improved since I've been using more expensive skincare. I have combination skin so before this particular skincare routine, my skin had been through sore dry patches and huge breakouts that have brought me to tears! Luckily now I've started this skincare routine, I can count the spots I've had on two hands and even when I've had a spot they haven't lingered as long as they used to.

I start off my skincare routine with La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel. I originally received this as a PR sample but I repurchased it because it was WONDERFUL. I take a 20p size blob of this onto wet hands and massage it in to my dry face. It is formulated for oily, sensitive skin and I have both, so it works perfectly to mattify my skin. After I dry my face, it leaves it feeling so soft. I then spray on La Roche-Posay Serozinc* which makes me feel very refreshed, especially on an early morning. I never thought I'd get on with a spray toner but this is perfect.

I like to follow with La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+*. I've been using this on and off for just over a year. I originally thought it was the cause of the sore dry patches I was getting but it must have been a different product. This works perfectly to keep my skin clear, I love how cool it feels on my face and how it mattifies my skin. I then pop one pump of Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser Light over the top, to make sure my skin is hydrated. I used to think my combination skin didn't need moisturiser but I realised I just needed to find the right one for my skin type. The Liz Earle moisturiser keeps my face full of moisture without making it greasy.

Occasionally when I remember, I put a small amount of Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream on around my eyes. This leaves them feeling revived and because it is tinted it makes me look wide awake. To take my make-up off, I use Bioderma Sensibio H2O. I pour a little bit out onto a cotton pad and it literally melts my make-up off. I could never use a make-up wipe again after this!

What's your favourite skincare product?
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