Thursday, 9 April 2015

George at ASDA SS15 Collection

I really think supermarket clothing is on par with high-street at the moment, I've seen some really nice pieces that I would love to try styling myself. George at ASDA have some stunning prints this season, including lemon and Riviera prints. Please excuse the lighting and quality of these photos, I don't know what's going on with camera, it really doesn't want to play along at the moment! I meant to get this post up so much sooner but the weather was awful and as soon as it got sunny I was back at work.

Outfit 1: Lemon Peplum Top* & Wonderfit Jeans | Outfit 2: Lace Back Blouse* & Scenic Woven Capri* | Outfit 3: Yellow Blouse* & Scenic Woven Capri*

George at ASDA is an amazing place to get affordable clothes with a high-street feel and quality. Most people wouldn't think about their local supermarket having some of the latest trends and quality pieces, they'd simply go elsewhere and pay a fair bit more money. George's Limoncello range is absolutely perfect for summer. I think this range would be absolutely stunning in holiday photos, something a bit different and very european - it reminds me of an Italian holiday almost. Even though I've never been on one! 

There is nothing more summery than yellow and lemons! I love how George have created a classic summer wardrobe and combined it with the current trends. I could imagine wearing these outfits to the beach with a gorgeous floppy straw hat on. All the clothes are so comfortable to wear which is so important, you have to have style and comfort! Oh and one last bit of praise for the Wonderfit jeans, the only jeans that manage to fit me!

What's your favourite piece from the collection?
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  1. I'm actually going on a little trip to Italy in two weeks and I think all these pieces would be perfect to wear! The lemon print peplum is my fave, I love fruity prints :D xx

  2. That lemon top is so cute, I would never have guessed it was from ASDA. I might have to take a browse online! :)

  3. George has pretty clothes! you just need to search through the crappier stuff haha, love your selection x

    Love Vicki |

  4. Definitely! They have some really nice stuff - I tend to avoid the clothing section the majority of the time because I know I'd buy too much! xx

  5. It is really cute! Perfect for summer :) xx

  6. I hope you had a lovely time in Italy! xx


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