Thursday, 30 April 2015

What I Wore In London

Top - Miss Selfridge | Skirt - Dorothy Perkins (old) | Denim Jacket - Topshop | Shoes - BHS (similar here)

When I went to London back in March, I knew it would be a great time to take outfit photos. The sun was shining and I love taking my outfit photos with classic backgrounds. This spot was actually round the corner from my hotel, I love how the London eye just peeps through! I also had to take a photo next to a phone box in London because I've never done it and we were having a pretty touristy day.

I bought this gorgeous Dorothy Perkins skirt last summer in the sale, I think it's so pretty and looks like a ballerina skirt. I do love a girly outfit so this is one of my favourites! The white square neck crop is an essential basic in my wardrobe and in white, it goes with pretty much everything. In summer I think this will be one of my go-to outfits. YES I am an outfit repeater, but who can afford not to be?! I love being able to throw on my light denim jacket in summer over the majority of my outfits because it doesn't darken them.

Where do you think is nice in London to take outfit photos?
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Monday, 27 April 2015

National Stationery Week 2015

In all honesty, until this year I had no idea that there was a National Stationery Week! This year National Stationery Week is from the 27th April - 3rd May, with National Stationery Day being on the 29th April. I am a complete lover of stationery and much prefer to write things down rather than type them out on my phone or computer. I own an organiser, too many notebooks, a weekly planner and pretty much every item of stationery you can think of.

The whole point of National Stationery Week really is to get people writing. Whether it's just writing notes down or writing a letter to a family member/friend it all counts. With the increase in the use of technology people find it easier to send an email or text or just to jot their notes down in their phone. I always find it more fun to use good old fashioned pen and paper, I'd definitely also be stuck without either in my bag if my phone ran out wouldn't I?!

I've been enjoying using my new stationery. The nu:elite A4 notebook* has been so useful for writing down all my notes for college as I'm nearing the end of my course. The nu:elite A7 jotter* has come in handy for jotting down all those blog ideas I get while I'm on the go. There's nothing better than a pocket notebook to carry around with you! I really love the Dodo Book of Wellbeing* & the Dodo Wall Pad*, they're quite different and fun compared to the majority of stationery like this I've had. I haven't began to use the book of wellbeing properly yet but I will when I've finally started exercising and eating how I want to. The last luxurious item I was sent was the Sheaffer Pen*. I haven't had a refillable pen since my pink Parker pen when I was 11. This pen is lovely to write with and I haven't been losing it everywhere unlike my Bic biros I'm used to using.
What do you love most about stationery?
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Saturday, 25 April 2015

JOMO | Joy of Missing Out

I'm pretty sure the majority of you have heard of FOMO - Fear of Missing Out. With busy working and studying lives nowadays a lot of us will turn a night out down because we're so exhausted, but maybe regret it later on. Ladbroke's Bingo survey revealed that 1/3 of the UK said seeing photos and comments on social media make them feel worse as they see what they're missing. It also revealed that 1/5 of the UK said seeing the night out on social media is when they feel they've missed out the most. With Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat these days it does make you feel like you're missing out more, because you'll be sitting at home (possibly bored) on your social media! You can read more of what they found here.

I decided to take part in the JOMO challenge, hosting a night in with £44.16 which is what the average person in the UK spends on a night out. To be completely honest, I'd pick a nice night in over a night out the majority of the time. Just to clarify I mean a night out as in going in bars and clubs, not going out for a meal or something! I enjoyed picking out my night in goodies in ASDA. I thought a night in with DVD's, snacks and drinks would be perfect. 

I picked out 6 DVD's which all came to just under £20! Which is really good. I went for the cheese factor, comedy, super hero and thriller. The food came to just over £20, which I think is quite good for snacks AND drinks. The good thing about spending £44.16 for a night-in is that it doesn't just get you one night in, it gets you 2-3 nights in. In comparison to one night out for £44.16, I think that's pretty good!

I spent my night in with my Mom and we only managed to watch The Hours and The Haunted Mansion. While we were watching, we ate some snacks and had a few glasses of wine to drink. It was a really nice fun night in and I definitely feel the joy of missing out, I prefer a nice chilled night in to going out and feeling really tired.

Do you feel FOMO or JOMO?
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I was sent a voucher for the purpose of this post.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

FloridaTix 10th Birthday

Last night, I headed along to Island Bar in the city centre with Chloe, for the Floridatix 10th Birthday event. We were greeted by the lovely FloridaTix people and given a delicious glass of prosecco. Me and Chloe sat at a table with Charlee, Becky. Rachel & Sam. The first thing all of us got up and did was find the 10 hidden Mickey's around the room which was fun! Then Simon from Floridatix gave us a talk on the company and Florida, which was interesting and it has made me really want to go to Florida (even though I don't like rides)! 

After a break for food and to get drinks, the quiz began and me, Chloe and Charlee were 'Team 3'. We really couldn't think of a name! There were 4 rounds and my favourite was the Disney song round, which me and Charlee were getting super excited about. We actually came second in the quiz and won a towel each, which is super soft and is amazing because it's Disney!

We also got given a really amazing goody bag - filled with Disney, Florida and Universal goodies. I love the Minnie Mouse plush - it will look perfect on my bed next to my huge Eeyore! I now really want to visit Disney World, I think I'll have to start saving now!

Have you ever been to Florida?
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Monday, 20 April 2015

Night Time Routine

We all have that little routine before we go to bed, most of the time we don't even think about it and it's just the way everything goes. Even when I'm having a late night I'll still do most of my night routine as it's just what I'm used to! I start off by brushing my teeth which is the most boring part and it always feels like such a chore when you're tired.
I then go through my usual skin and body care routine. First I take my make up off with Bioderma, which I find is the best thing to take make up off with. To be honest sometimes I do a cleanse after this but I'd be lying if I said I did regularly. I just apply my Bioderma to a large baby cotton pad and sweep off all of my make up. I then apply my Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control* on my legs which helps to keep my cellulite at bay, along with body brushing, exercise and a healthier diet than I used to. On top of that, I apply the Clarins Extra Firming Body Lotion* which is supposed to be for anti-ageing but why not start early! I apply this to most areas, just to keep everywhere firm and moisturised. After all that body pampering I slip into my pyjamas* which are by a brand called Blackspade, they're so comfortable!

Now it's getting closer to summer my feet will be out more, therefore I need to take care of them! I apply a generous amount Soap & Glory Heel Genius all over my feet, before slipping them into my Sanctuary Spa moisturising socks. I hate the feel of cream anywhere so I'm a huge fan of products that sink in or you can put gloves/socks on top of. The last thing I do before settling down is apply Soap & Glory Hand Food, as my hands are still feeling the effects of the cold winter. 

When I get into bed I like to watch something on Netflix or YouTube before switching off and falling asleep. Admittedly most of the time I fall asleep before switching off my TV or iPad, which leaves me waking up rather confused in the middle of the night and having to move/switch off everything before falling back to sleep!
What's your night time routine?
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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Burberry Kisses Lipstick | Military Red

Chloe kindly nominated me for one of the Burberry Kisses lipsticks and I was so excited for it to come. I ordered the red -surprise surprise, eye roll- like I don't have about 15 others already! I've convinced myself this is a 'different' red. SoPost run these campaigns every so often that enable people to get free samples, this was the second one I'd taken part in.

The sample arrived and it was absolutely adorable. Only 1g, but beautiful nevertheless! The packaging of these lipsticks is definitely luxurious even in the sample sizes. I love the signature Burberry pattern that's imprinted on to the lipstick, lipstick with prints seem so much more high-end. I love the shape of the bullet, it made it so easy to apply straight onto the lips. It also has no smell, which is a great bonus for people who dislike fragranced products.

I'd say this lipstick is a satin finish. It's very buildable, with one sweep you do get a coat that is quite pigmented, but still sheer. I go over my lips a few times to make sure I've got that deep red shade in the lip swatch above. It's so moisturising on the lips - they haven't felt dry at all while I've had this on. It's meant to have 6 hours of moisture and I do think it lasts that long. Even after eating it was still firmly on my lips, with just a little wear in the middle. Having the sample is wonderful, but at £25 for one lipstick I'm not sure I'd buy a full-size unless it was the only lipstick in my collection! There are 28 shades in the range and I'm pretty sure there is a colour to suit everyone.

Have you tried Burberry Kisses lipstick?
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Monday, 13 April 2015

Nokia Lumia 735 Review

I thought it would be great for me to trial out a different type of phone, the only smartphones I have owned are iPhone and Blackberry and before now I'd never even touched a Windows phone. Thanks to the lovely people at Microsoft I'm able to test this Nokia Lumia 735 out! All opinions are my own and this review is 100% honest. P.S. Sorry about the photos...I realised just before I was about to package the phone up I hadn't taken a single photo of it!

I'm one for a sleek, stylish, professional looking phone. When I first saw the phone I wasn't too excited about the fact it was bright orange. However, looks aren't everything and this phone does also come in white, green and black. You can also buy the backs separately so you can switch up the colour, which is quite good as it's extremely customisable. The screen is HUGE which is great for watching YouTube videos. As you can see in the photo above, the screen is significantly bigger than my iPhone 5S screen and therefore I enjoyed watching videos on the Nokia Lumia more. Another feature you could customise was the home screen, I loved being able to change the home screen colour to purple which is my favourite! You could also put apps and contacts on your home screen which I thought was extremely handy, if there's someone you call a lot you won't have to be scrolling through your phone to find them. 

This phone is known for selfies and I'm not a huge selfie taker but I did take a few. There was a really good selfie app on this phone where you could add filters, it was really good! However I noticed the photos I took on the regular camera had a weird colouring to them. The app selection on the Windows store was not as vast as I thought it would be. Snapchat and a few other apps I use daily weren't on there which was a bit disappointing but nothing to do with the phone itself! I enjoyed listening to Spotify through the phone, the sound was okay and was still rather good when I played it at a high volume! 

This will probably sound stupid to none iPhone users, but I actually found this phone really difficult to use. I think it's probably because I'm so used to apple products that I am physically incapable of using any other brand of technology! 
What's your favourite brand of phone?
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Thursday, 9 April 2015

George at ASDA SS15 Collection

I really think supermarket clothing is on par with high-street at the moment, I've seen some really nice pieces that I would love to try styling myself. George at ASDA have some stunning prints this season, including lemon and Riviera prints. Please excuse the lighting and quality of these photos, I don't know what's going on with camera, it really doesn't want to play along at the moment! I meant to get this post up so much sooner but the weather was awful and as soon as it got sunny I was back at work.

Outfit 1: Lemon Peplum Top* & Wonderfit Jeans | Outfit 2: Lace Back Blouse* & Scenic Woven Capri* | Outfit 3: Yellow Blouse* & Scenic Woven Capri*

George at ASDA is an amazing place to get affordable clothes with a high-street feel and quality. Most people wouldn't think about their local supermarket having some of the latest trends and quality pieces, they'd simply go elsewhere and pay a fair bit more money. George's Limoncello range is absolutely perfect for summer. I think this range would be absolutely stunning in holiday photos, something a bit different and very european - it reminds me of an Italian holiday almost. Even though I've never been on one! 

There is nothing more summery than yellow and lemons! I love how George have created a classic summer wardrobe and combined it with the current trends. I could imagine wearing these outfits to the beach with a gorgeous floppy straw hat on. All the clothes are so comfortable to wear which is so important, you have to have style and comfort! Oh and one last bit of praise for the Wonderfit jeans, the only jeans that manage to fit me!

What's your favourite piece from the collection?
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Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Treats

As it was Easter yesterday, I thought I'd start my day off with some baking. There's nothing better than making nest related bakes at Easter. The first thing I baked was a chocolate nest cake. I will admit this was a packet mix, I don't normally use them but it was in my cupboard and I wanted to use it up before it went past its best before date next month! It was the Thorntons Chocolate Cake Mix which I DON'T recommend as it was expensive and it doesn't even include the topping for the cake - very deceiving! I baked this and then topped it with this buttercream. Admittedly I broke one half of the cake...buttercream is very good at sticking it back together! I then melted some chocolate and mixed crushed up shredded wheat into it, before spooning the mixture on top of the cake. I added some mini eggs in the middle to make a nest. Delicious! I took inspiration from Anna Saccone for this!

The next treat I baked was Creme Egg Cupcakes. I used a simple chocolate cupcake recipe and the post I've linked for inspiration. I love how there's a Creme Egg in the middle of each cupcake, making them extra tasty and chocolately! If you have any leftover Easter chocolate you'd like to do some baking with, hopefully this gives you some ideas.

What do you like to make at Easter?
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Thursday, 2 April 2015

April Wishlist

Shay Black Cleated Sole Chelsea Boots
I absolutely love these boots, I think they'll go with nearly everything in my wardrobe. I already have them in white so having them in black too is essential! They're so comfy and the black will be great when I'm wearing darker colours and for winter.

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess
I've wanted this for ages - I'm still currently on a sample size of Benefit's Hoola meaning I can't swirl my brush in it, it just isn't big enough! When I recently went to stay with my friend, she had this and it looked so beautiful I think I actually need it.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
I'm in need of a new concealer as I'm still using one I bought a fairly long time ago and I don't even like it! I've heard great things about this concealer, I just need to take the plunge.

White Cross Strap Sliders
At the moment I'm loving sliders and these cross strap ones will be amazing for summer! They'll go perfectly with jeans for a more casual look.

Utility Twill Shirt Dress
I've been lusting after this since it first came into Topshop. There aren't many left on the website in my size and I'm worried it will go out of stock before I get chance to buy it! It would look amazing with some boots and tights.

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set
I've seen these on so many blogs and they seem to be amazing brushes. They also look beautiful - I love rose gold and copper, they'd look amazing on my dressing table. I love how they come in a pouch, that would be great for travelling.
What are you lusting after currently?
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