Monday, 30 March 2015

Annabelle's Wigs Hair Piece Challenge

I was put to the challenge of creating three hairstyles using the May 3/4 wig*. The wig was so easy to put in, with a comb on the top at the front and a comb that fits just by your neck. I miss my long hair so much, it was nice to be able to have longer hair to style! I started off with it just attached to my hair then went on to create the three hairstyles.

Hairstyle 1: Half Up-Do

Now this is the easiest hairstyle you can possibly do. I do it all the time with my natural hair but it just doesn't look as nice. I just took a section of my hair from each side of my head and pinned it right round the back of my head. It adds a little bit of volume - which I never have usually!

Hairstyle 2: Side Plait

For this hairstyle, I pulled the hair to the one side and plaited it. Easy! I also sectioned the front of my hair and pulled it back into a 'quiff' style without all the volume. I did want to try a fishtail plait but unfortunately I can barely do a normal plait. I haven't been able to plait my hair properly since I cut it short so it's nice to be able to do it!

Hairstyle 3: Twisted 'Hair' Band

I inspired this look on Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones, it is definitely a more wearable version. To do this, I took a section of hair from the front on the right and twisted it and pinned it to the left side of my head. I then did the same for the other side. It's such a quick and effortless hairstyle there's way you wouldn't have time for this in the morning! It looks like a hair band in a way also.

What hairstyles would you create with a 3/4 wig?
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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Amazon Associates Blogger Event

Three years ago, if you would've told me I'd be going to an event alone in London I'd tell you that you must be having a laugh. However, I took the plunge and last week I went to a pretty amazing event at Amazon HQ. Before heading to their HQ I met up with Laura, Natalie, Becky, Natasha, Sade and Paige. It's always great to meet other bloggers beforehand so it's less daunting when you walk in!

The event was an evening of talks from some very inspirational people, it made me want to rethink my whole blog. The first talk was from Ella from Coco's Tea Party. She did a presentation on how she became a full-time blogger which gave me some great tips. The next speaker was Gem, who is a digital writer for Cosmopolitan. Her talk was hilarious and I gained some really good advice from it all. She said we should come up with mantras that we follow for each blog post, one of which really stood out to me. 'Would I share this?' is a really good mantra to go by, if you wouldn't share it yourself, why are you posting it?

We then had a bit of a break for food and drink. I don't eat meat (except chicken) but I thought the burgers were adorable so I had to photograph them. I think the food was a hit, everyone else seemed to love it - I just had a few custard creams! After a chat with the lovely group of bloggers I met before the event we went back into the room where the talks were being held.

There was a talk on Amazon Fashion and it's really interesting to see the advertising that they use. Some of the collections they've done are amazing and I'm sad that I missed out on buying them! Rachel Story from Hello! Magazine was next to speak and her talk made me want to style up ALL the clothes! Yes, all in the world. It also made me think about the way I use instagram, I think some of my posts now seem a bit too boring for my liking. Reena from Fashion Daydreams who spoke last, finally helped me understand affiliate marketing. I've been putting this one into practice the most since the event. Afterwards I had to rush off to get my train so didn't get to stay and chat for too long, but nevertheless I had a wonderful evening. Thank you Amazon for putting on the event!

Which talk do you think you'd benefit most from?
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Monday, 23 March 2015

Sudocrem: A Revolutionary Beauty Cream?

Sudocrem Travel Tube
Sudocrem Swatch

Most people know Sudocrem as a cream for babies bottoms. However, it does have its other uses which I have been testing out. It is a thick cream, one which you wouldn't use for just moisturising your skin in the morning as you can see above in the swatches. As I'm quite oily I was scared to use this, however it doesn't really make your skin any more oily. I'm prone to spots and as I'd heard it helps them out, I decided to pop it on a few spots before bed to see what it was all about. It does definitely make your spots look better and draws those horrible red papules out so they go quicker!

I have also used this as an overnight mask (beware your pillow will need an immediate wash!) which leaves you looking like a ghost and you end up scaring yourself in the middle of the night, but ultimately you wake up with super soft skin and it feels a fair bit better than it did before you went to sleep. Celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh and Amanda Holden swear by Sudocrem for getting rid of their spots, so it is more widely recognised as a 'beauty cream'. You can buy Sudocrem Skin Care Cream here.

Have you used Sudocrem on your face?
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Thursday, 19 March 2015

DoubleTree by Hilton | London Westminster

DoubleTree Hilton London Westminster iMac
DoubleTree Hilton London Westminster
I did my best with the photos as they were rushed as we were leaving - I wasn't planning on reviewing this hotel stay. When me and my Mom went to London we stayed in the DoubleTree by Hilton in Westminster. We'd previously stayed in the same type of hotel in Leeds in 2013, so knew it should be rather good. My Mom got this hotel on a deal on and it worked out cheaper than the Premier Inn! That's why we originally picked this hotel. It was super convenient, a short walk from Pimlico and Westminster tube stations and a short bus ride from each station to get you back to the hotel. 

We didn't actually spend a huge amount of time at the hotel due to being so busy but the time we did spend there was brilliant as it is a great hotel! On check-in, as with all DoubleTree hotels, you get given one warm cookie for everyone in your room. They smell delicious but they have nuts in (my Mom is allergic) and cinnamon (which I am allergic to) so we've never got to try them. We got to check-in early, as our room was ready at 11am, instead of 3pm check-in time! Which meant I could put my make-up on in peace. There are quite a few mirrors in the room which is good when you have two women trying to get ready at the same time! There are two in the main room and two in the bathroom, I loved the one that extended off the wall and magnified. 

We were provided with toiletries, which come in very handy when you're away so you don't have to drag all your shampoo, conditioner and shower gel with you. There was also an ice bucket in the room which you could fill up with an ice dispenser, located on quite a few floors! There was a fridge and glasses in the room for your own drinks, which is great as you can actually enjoy a drink that isn't out of a bottle. It is great to have a wardrobe that lights up in your room also! We didn't have time to test out the hotel dining unfortunately, I really wanted to order room service as I never have before so hopefully I'll be able to next time.

Each room has an iMac, which doubles up as your TV. I wish I would've had more time to use this as I absolutely adore them and wanted to blog away on it, but we were pretty much in and out of the hotel and when we were back from Les Mis I was too tired. There's free wifi which I connected to instantly of course. This is something you don't get with budget hotels - it's nice to have complimentary wifi as you've already paid enough for your room. Check out was simple also, we just had to give back our keys and then as we were heading to the exhibition in London we left our bags with the hotel, which was efficient both in dropping them off and picking them up. 

What are your hotel essentials?
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Monday, 16 March 2015

London | Theatre Trip & Exhibition!

Last weekend me and my Mom headed to London for a girly weekend away. London is my favourite place, I love visiting and hate leaving! This time we decided we would go to the theatre for the first time in 7 years and visit the V&A museum to see their Wedding Dress exhibition. We stayed in a gorgeous hotel in Westminster (post to follow) and I loved that we were just round the corner from the London Eye, there were some gorgeous views. When we arrived on Saturday morning, we made the short walk from the tube to the hotel and then went out exploring. My Mom took some of my outfit photos with gorgeous backdrops and then we headed towards Westfield Stratford City for some shopping. Alas, I couldn't find anything I liked and we just went for food before heading back to the hotel. 

We went to see Les Mis in the evening. I'd really wanted to see it for a while and I'm so glad we went, it was absolutely wonderful. The actors and actresses all had beautiful voices, I'd happily go and see it again and again. The story, which I had known nothing about previously was so good I was on the edge of my seat. As always with theatre performances you can't take photos but you should find some lovely ones on their website! On Sunday, we got ready and went to Green Park, near Buckingham Palace and it was gorgeous. It was a lovely day, it's crazy how you can go outside without wearing a coat in London but not Birmingham! My Mom took some more outfit photos for me and we had a little tourist detour into the Buckingham Palace shop, where I bought a Christmas decoration. I am obsessed. 

We got the tube to the V&A which is a wonderful and beautiful building. We'd gone to London specifically for the Wedding Dress 1775-2014 exhibition, I love fashion and I am obsessed with wedding dresses. When the time comes for me to get married I don't know how I'll choose just one. There was no photography allowed in the exhibition but photos of some of the dresses are displayed online. There were some absolutely stunning dresses, including Dita Von Teese's wedding dress, a gorgeous deep purple Vivienne Westwood. Kate Moss' dress was also there and was stunning, along with Gwen Stefani's, I love the ombré pink effect it had. It was amazing seeing how wedding dresses have evolved since the 1700's into what they are today. As always, I was sad to leave London but the Ed's Diner meal I ate on the train did cheer me up slightly...

What are your favourite things to do in London?
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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Wonderbra My Pretty Push-up

Wonderbra My Pretty Push Up Bra & Briefs*

It was pleasant when stuck in a bit of a 'bra rut' to have this gorgeous lacy set land on my doorstep. Wonderbra have released some gorgeous sets for SS15 and this is one of them. The 'My Pretty Push-up' comes in sizes 30-36A, 32-38 B to D and 30-38 DD to G, so there is near enough a size for everyone. The matching briefs come in S, M, L and XL. I own the bra in 34B and the briefs in M which I would say is about a 12. The set comes in black, white, grey and fuschia. I obviously own the black! I love how the bra is a nude colour with the lace on top, making it look more like the bra is just lace. The briefs have lace at the back which is see through, adding a sexier feel to the Wonderbra Set. 

Most lingerie sets I've tried that are lacy and pretty are less comfortable. This is the most comfortable lacy set I've owned, the bra is true to size and everything stays in place! The briefs did feel quite tight but I think that's more my fault of barely exercising and eating badly, oops. It's nice to have a comfortable but pretty underwear set in my collection! It is also very comfortable for a push-up bra, normally there's a lot of really hard padding but this bra is so soft and even though there is a lot of padding, it doesn't make your boobs ache! Wonderbra have succeeded in amazing me yet again, I can't wait to see their next release.

What do you think of this set?
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Monday, 9 March 2015

Mother's Day with Bon Marché

Watercolour Floral Panelled Dress*
A while ago I was contacted asking if I'd like a surprise hamper for my Mom, including a dress to do her very own OOTD with and I thought she'd absolutely love it. It arrived beautifully presented, in gorgeous colourful tissue paper. There were some lovely items in the hamper and my Mom was so pleased with them. First of all the Hotel Chocolat box of chocolates. Who doesn't love chocolate?! Luckily there aren't many nutty ones as my Mom's allergic, it's always nice the less nutty chocolates there are. My Mom couldn't wait to eat these as they're in an adorable box and Hotel Chocolat chocolates are so delicious. I'm pretty sure this was the first thing she noticed when opening the box! The Sanctuary Spa set will come in handy as my Mom loves her body products. It includes a body wash, body scrub and body lotion, which my Mom will love pampering with. The scarf is really pretty and matches some of the dress colours, it will be a perfect accessory for summer. My Mom was especially happy to see an umbrella in there as she is in need of a new one and this one has a lovely pattern.

I think the dress is lovely and looks even nicer on than on the website! My Mom loves aqua and turquoise colours so this was the perfect dress for her. It is made of gorgeous material, it feels so luxurious and more high end than high street! It's fully lined which is unusual for high street clothing as it's usually just one layer of fabric. My Mom wore it to the theatre in London and looked great in it! I think she rather enjoyed having her photo taken and this may become a more regular feature on my blog!

What are you doing for Mother's Day?
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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Time for a Detox

I was asked if I'd like this Detox Box by Time4Sleep and after realising that I probably do need a detox, said yes immediately. After Christmas, we are in need of a huge detox and if you're like me, since the new year it's been 'I'll start next week...'. Well, here's to me actually starting my detox thanks to this box. It's packed with products that are ever so useful for beginning a detox and getting on the way to a healthy lifestyle.

This Works Deep Sleep Heavenly Lavender & Camomile Candle
One of the most important things for a healthy lifestyle and a detox is the amount of sleep you get. I for one have difficulty getting to sleep and I just can't switch off at night. This candle has the essential oils Lavender and Camomile which are meant to help combat tension and insomnia, helping you to have a good nights sleep. I really look forward to testing this out and seeing if it really does work! Unfortunately it arrived broken so I couldn't photograph it in it's gorgeous packaging.

Elemental Herbology Detox Botanical Bathing Infusion
One thing I'm super self-concious about on my body is cellulite. This bath oil is supposed to help reduce fluid retention, boost circulation and shift the toxins that cause cellulite. If this really works, I can see this becoming a holy grail product for me. 

Detox Yourself by Jane Scrivner
I've only read a bit of this book so far, but it has helped so much! It tells you what you can eat and why it is good for you. It also has a quiz at the front that you answer and then you'll find out whether you can start the detox plan straight away or if not, what you need to do before you start. I can tell this book is going to be so helpful, especially since it has ways to banish cellulite!

Opal London eco-SPA Sleep Mask
This mask feels super soft and is washable so won't feel disgusting after a few uses. I'd never wear this to sleep as I hate sleeping in complete darkness but I would probably wear it if I was napping in the day or just wanted to relax during the day! It fastens with Velcro so is more likely to be comfortable than a mask with elastic which may be too tight.

Dr Stuart's Liver Detox Tea
Many people after a night out or after Christmas will feel as if their liver needs a detox. Personally I don't drink much so I don't feel that but it would be extremely beneficial for someone that has overindulged. With peppermint, it should be quite refreshing and you will truly feel your detox.

Superdrug Masks
Who doesn't love a good pamper with a face mask?! They draw out all impurities, all toxins so they are the perfect product to be included in the detox box. I look forward to using these when I bathe - prime time for a good face mask.
What would you benefit from most in this box?
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Monday, 2 March 2015

Tan Organic

I am still quite a newbie to tanning and have stuck with the same trusty tan since last year when I first started using it! This is only the second tan I've tried, despite having other tans hiding away in my cupboard. I love the idea of Tan Organic, as it is designed to stop reactions with tan by having no synthetic preservatives, drying agents or parabens. It actually contains 84% Aloe Vera which soothes and hydrates the skin. This bottle also contains enough product for 5 full body applications, which is rather good value!

When applying tan, I've been used to a guide colour and a 'tan smell'. This self-tan smelt ever so slightly of citrus when applying which was nice, but it unfortunately had no guide colour! Which was upsetting for a tan newbie like myself and I found it quite hard to apply. I applied it with my trusty Velvotan mitt although thinking about it, it probably would've been better to apply with my hands, to see how much product I was putting on my skin. You could see the oil on your skin slightly but I still managed to miss bits out, especially by my hands. It was quite a nice surprise to wake up in the morning with a tan after not seeing it develop before I went to sleep, but it was gutting to see I'd missed bits and it was super dark compared to the shade I'd usually go for. Whilst it was developing I noticed it didn't make my skin itchy like other tans I have tried, which shows it is rather good for sensitive skin like mine! When I woke up it did have that 'fake tan smell' but that can't be helped, as it's the smell your skin has when reacting with tan. 

It is certainly a good tan because it is safe for sensitive skin and pregnant women, it also does what it says on the bottle. The idea is amazing too as it isn't as drying as a mousse. But I think this tan would be better for someone who is a tan addict or likes a darker tan, it was a little too dark for me. It was definitely darker than my usual tan as my tan foundation looked too light! I'd imagine it'd look amazingly natural on someone with a slightly darker complexion, me and my pale skin did not suit the colouring very well. I found that it went patchy slightly on my arms and wrists, however everywhere else it faded quite nicely.

What's your favourite tanning product?
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