Thursday, 26 February 2015

Clarins Everlasting Foundation+

I've never truly loved a foundation this much. I've thought other foundations were my holy grail but oh boy was I wrong. In this Clarins Everlasting Foundation I've found a base that is here to stay, I love it every day of the week and have not been fed up or unhappy with it (so far)! It is meant to last for 18 hours and have a day-long matte coverage. It contains anti-pollution benefits and has SPF 15, perfect for protecting the skin from those harsh UV rays. It comes in 15 varied shades ranging from super light to quite dark so there should be a shade to suit everyone.

The foundation has a nice and smooth application, is a medium to full coverage and is so easy to build upon. I only need one coat usually but a second goes on top just perfectly without looking overdone or too cakey. I don't even feel like concealer is needed over my spots or redness as this covers them perfectly. It is supposed to suit normal, combination and oily skin types and I'd say it does quite well. Normally a few hours after applying foundation, I'd find it had 'melted off'. Now this base is meant to last a whopping 18 hours and never ever have I worn my make-up for that long, but I have worn it for a good 13 hours and I can honestly say it lasts. On my severely oily skin, it does not stay matte like suggested, however after a few hours wear it looks lovely and dewy and is still doing it's job in covering up my skin! Whilst wearing it for 13 hours I powdered once and I think it would have stayed on even without me blotting it with powder. I love the packaging, the frosted bottle is gorgeous and definitely looks what it's worth! It also comes with a pump, which is wonderful as tipping foundation onto your hand never goes well. I only need a pump and a half for my full face which is quite impressive, meaning it will last for ages. When this bottle finishes I'll be straight out to buy another! 

Have you tried this foundation?
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Monday, 23 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash

Benefit Roller Lash* - RRP £19.50

My long-awaited review of Benefit's new mascara is finally here! Whoever thought that after the highly coveted They're Real that Benefit would bring out another mascara?! Truth is, this is completely different to They're Real. Roller Lash has a brand new innovative brush. There are tiny hooks on the end of a flexible, slightly curved brush and that is what helps the longevity of the curl that this mascara makes. It actually took Benefit a few tries to get the Hook & Roll brush, it was actually the fourth design. The first wand they designed was a big stiff curved brush, which they then re-designed to be slimmer but with less of a curve. They then went back to a curved brush with tiny hooks, but there were too many and the hooks were in all the wrong places. That is how they came to the current Hook & Roll brush which catches, lifts and curls. The inspiration for the mascara actually came from hair curlers/rollers, as you can probably tell!

I absolutely love the packaging of the mascara, it's so retro and classic. The lid is definitely a good 'replica' of hair rollers from the 1950's. It's also a slim sleek black mascara, so fits perfectly into my make-up bag. My eyelashes are rather long anyway, so I didn't see much of a difference when it came to a before and after. However, I did think it made my eyelashes look fluttery, girly and a nice deep black shade, which is always a winner. Roller Lash lasted really well considering I have oily lids, I found it only smudged after exercise (don't worry, I was only wearing mascara!). It is really easy to remove with Bioderma, I didn't have to tug on my eyes to get it off and my eyes weren't sore afterwards. Even though I didn't see a dramatic difference in my lash length and curl, I quite like this new mascara and think Benefit did a really good job creating it!

What do you think of Roller Lash?
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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Party with IKRUSH

Layla Midi Colour Block Bodycon Dress* - Shoes (not available, similar here)

I spotted this dress on IKRUSH and instantly thought it'd be perfect for a party or night out! I'd never ordered from IKRUSH before so I wasn't really sure on the quality of the clothes, but they're actually really good quality! This dress is made of polyester and elastane making it comfortable and a good fit. I'm always weary of ordering clothing from new websites as I'm in between a 10 and 12, however this 10 fit perfectly so I was really pleased about that. It's not too short or too long, sometimes I think midi dresses can look a bit odd on me if they're too long. I love the colours in the dress as well, it'd be perfect to wear in all seasons as they're pretty neutral and they blend together well with the colour block detail! The only thing I think this dress would look better with is a tan haha. As you can probably tell from the photos, I was extremely cold when shooting these and maybe it would've looked a bit less chilly with a tan!

I thought the dress would look best styled with some lovely block heeled sandals, like these from IKRUSH. Unfortunately I don't own any heeled sandals so I couldn't show exactly what I'd wear the dress with, but the wedges from Boohoo do go well with it! After all, I couldn't wear flats with a midi dress.

Where would you wear this dress?
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Monday, 16 February 2015

Retro Vibes

Dorothy Perkins Duster Jacket* - Miss Selfridge Crop Top - Motel Skirt - Topshop Boots

I have wanted an oversized jacket/duster jacket ever since they came into shops in Autumn 2014. Thanks to the lovely House of Fraser, I got my wish and they sent this gorgeous oversized jacket my way. I absolutely love it and have been wearing it with nearly every single outfit I've worn since I received it. I've never really looked at House of Fraser much for clothing as I thought they were more designer brand orientated, but they do sell some lovely affordable clothing from independent and high-street brands. I'm especially loving their coats and jackets at the moment, if I could, I'd buy most of them! The jacket actually keeps me quite warm - I was worried it wouldn't because I am constantly freezing. It will be especially nice in summer when I just want a light jacket to keep the breeze off. The jacket will go with most outfits, it looks really good with jeans and some cleated heel boots. It's such a comfy jacket and makes any outfit look like you've put so much effort into it.

I decided it would go amazingly with my new Motel Annie Windsor Raspberry skirt. I already own the same skirt in Mandala Blue and fell in love with the Windsor Raspberry print. The only thing that annoyed me about this skirt is that it looks so creased in the photos but it didn't in real life! I love Motel clothing, it's always great quality and looks stylish. I also put this with my high neck crop top from Miss Selfridge, I love high neck tops and crops - especially with high waist skirts and trousers, I don't like to show off my whole stomach! As always, this outfit is styled with my trusty Topshop Chelsea Boots. This winter I've been wearing them with everything and I adore them!

Did you know House of Fraser stocked more affordable brands?
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Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Body Shop Detox Party

Two weeks ago after the Urban Decay event, me and Chloe headed to The Body Shop Detox Party. We were invited when we went to Abbigayle's event at The Body Shop on New Street a few months ago. I was looking forward to having a detox after Christmas and my birthday (I ate a lot...) so I was really excited to attend.

When we arrived, all of us bloggers went off to separate stations, each of us having either facials or a cleanse and make-up done. Me and Chloe went over to Jo, who cleansed our skin with products to suit our skin-type and then make-up to make us look more revived afterwards. My face was heavy with make-up on this particular day so it was in need of a good cleanse. Jo started off by spreading the Camomile cleansing butter on my face to remove my make-up alongside the Camomile waterproof eye make-up remover for my pesky mascara. The cleansing butter literally melted all my foundation off, it was wonderful! That would be such a quick and easy way to remove make-up every night. Jo then used the Seaweed toner on me to refresh and balance my skin, before going in with the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate, which has a weird rollerball that you roll in a figure of eight over both eyes! It had a very odd feeling. Jo then applied the Drops of Youth Concentrate for smoother skin before applying moisturiser. The moisturiser she used on me was the Seaweed Mattyfying moisture lotion which left my skin soft but not feeling greasy like many moisturisers do. While my moisturiser was sinking in, me and Chloe were shown the new Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask, which has a gluey consistency but felt ever so soft on the skin.

Afterwards, Jo did my make-up. I usually use The Body Shop's Instablur, so she decided to use the new Wonderblur on me. It made my skin feel amazing - once my Instablur runs out I think I'll be switching to this! Then the trusty All-in-One BB Cream was used on me in 00, which I own and love using when my skin is being good. The Loose Face Powder in 02 was used to keep the BB cream put. I was weary of the Poppy Shimmer Cube in Pink being used on me as there was an orange in there...luckily Jo did a soft eye look with the green and grey cubes. The look was then finished off with the Lip & Cheek stain in Poppy Pink on my cheeks for a subtle bit of colour, and Poppy Red on my lips, which I absolutely loved.

We were also shown the new ranges: Drops of Youth, Smoky Poppy, Poppy Shimmer Cubes and Poppy Lip and Cheek Stains. In our little goody bags, we were given a sachet of the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask and sample pots of Smoky Poppy Poppy Seed Scrub, Smoky Poppy Body Butter and Fuji Green Tea Body Butter. I ended up buying the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask because it felt really good on my skin! I'm so grateful to Elaine for inviting us along and to Jo for making mine and Chloe's evening! 

Have any of the new ranges caught your eye?
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Monday, 9 February 2015

Urban Decay Spring 2015 Collection

Thanks Ting for the lending of your arm swatches!
Ultra Definition Powder Foundation
There are 14 shades in the powder foundation, so you will hopefully be able to find the right shade for you! It feels so soft and light on the skin and has a light to medium coverage. You can certainly tell the difference between your skin with and without this though! The foundation retails for £26.

Naked Concealer
There are 8 shades of concealer. It is pretty full coverage and is enriched with green tea. That means this concealer would be absolutely perfect for reviving those tired under-eyes in the morning! It felt so lightweight, which is exactly what is needed for a good under-eye concealer. The concealers retail for £17.50 each. 

Sheer Revolution Lipstick
There are 10 shades of the Sheer Revolution lipsticks, in the swatch above 9 of them are shown. The first is really quite sheer so you can't see it much! From left to right: Walk of Shame, Obsessed, Liar, Rapture, Ladyflower, Streak, Anarchy, Slowburn and F-Bomb. These are just a sheer formula of the original Revolution lipsticks. They are designed to make the lips look plumper and fuller. They are so creamy when you swatch them - they're gorgeous and I have to stop myself from buying them all. The lipsticks retail for £15.50 each.

Moondust Eyeshadow
There are 11 shades of Moondust eyeshadow, 4 of which are new for Spring 2015. The four new shades are Scorpio, Ether, Cosmic and Solstice. Ether was my personal favourite, a gorgeous purple shade which I actually ended up buying...oops. All of the Moondust eyeshadows have really fine glitter particles and they are unbelievably pigmented. They were also amazingly soft and buttery for glitter eyeshadows! They retail for £14 each.

Mascara Resurrection
I love the idea of this! This product claims to revive your mascara. You can apply it after your mascara to get rid of clumps, or you can apply it before you reapply your mascara. We all know how lifeless our eyelashes can look after a full day of wearing mascara, I'm interested in trying this out to see if it really does what it claims to do! It is a clear mascara with a funny smell, it smelt a bit like glue. The mascara retails for £10.

Thanks to Kirsty for letting us in on the new collection!
Do you like the sound of the Spring 2015 collection?
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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Valentine's Day Outfit

Daisy Street Top* - Daisy Street Skirt* - J by Jasper Conran Shoes

I think Valentine's Day is quite
overrated. I love Valentine's Day for spending time with my boyfriend, dressing up in a gorgeous outfit and eating mass amounts of food, but that's really it. With Christmas, my birthday and our anniversary so close to Valentine's Day, me and Ryan can't really justify buying each other gifts for Valentine's Day, so we just spend the day together and enjoy each others company. That being said, this year we're going out for a meal on Valentine's Day so I thought it would be a great occasion to wear this lovely outfit from Daisy Street.

I am a huge fan of crop tops and most of my top drawer is filled with them. When you're pairing them with a skirt, disco pants or shorts you really can't go wrong. Red is my favourite colour to wear, so I picked this for the pure fact I thought it would look amazing. I love how it's long sleeved so I can still wear it during winter without freezing to death! I thought it would go perfectly with the black bodycon midi skirt and how right I was. I think they go together so beautifully and I'd actually feel confident going out in this outfit! Now a midi skirt on me would not look right without heels so I decided to go with my classic Jasper Conran court shoes for that extra bit of height and glamour. This outfit will be amazing for my meal out with Ryan.

What are you wearing this Valentine's Day?
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Monday, 2 February 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

Me and my boyfriend don't particularly 'do' Valentine's Day. We'll spend the day with each other and enjoy some food but other than that, that's it! With Christmas, our anniversary and my birthday being so close together it'd be so expensive to buy each other gifts so we just enjoy each others company and buy each other a card. I've compiled this gift guide of things I'd love to receive for Valentine's Day if we did buy each other things, feel free to link your boyfriend to this post if you like the look of anything!

These lip products are beautiful, I have the shade Apricot Shimmer and it is such a pretty colour. It makes your lips so soft and nourished, it's the perfect kissable product for Valentine's Day. Also, because it's not sticky it's more likely that your boyfriend will gladly kiss you back with this on as you won't be stuck to his face by lipgloss, haha.

Perfume is a classic gift for Valentine's Day, however the Library of Fragrance is slightly different. I thought as people get roses for Valentine's Day, why not go with a rose scented perfume? It smells like roses but ever so subtly so you're not overpowered by a strong rose smell. All the fragrances are so different and you're bound to find one you'd love to be bought or buy yourself.

Most of us girls are suckers for rose gold. It is absolutely beautiful and when it's a necklace and earring set, it's hard to resist. There is a stunning abstract gem design on these and they'd be perfect to wear to a Valentine's meal with your boyfriend. I think they're lovely, I'd love to receive them off my boyfriend.

I saw this photo dome and instantly thought it was the sweetest thing ever. I didn't actually realise it was a photo dome at first, I thought it was just a snowglobe! But no, you can just slip the back off the dome and put your own photo in there. I love the heart confetti and glitter inside, it's the perfect Valentine's style photo frame and more.

I was bought my first flowers by Ryan last Valentine's Day and it made me so happy! He bought me a rose and a beautiful bunch of flowers, the rose was so beautiful! For the purpose of this post I had to buy myself a bunch of roses, but they were so pretty that I don't mind that at all. You can always win with flowers, except if the person you're buying for is allergic to them. Which I'd hope not!

I think the card is the most important part of Valentine's Day, that could be because it's the part I care most about! Paperchase have some absolutely adorable cards. I didn't include any in this post because I only need one for Ryan and I didn't like to include it in case he read this post. My favourites from Paperchase are the penguin card and the 'favourite' card.

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