Friday, 12 December 2014

Smiggle Advent Calendar

1st December: Puzzle Eraser
2nd December: Mini Purple Gel Pen
3rd December: Bouncy Ball
4th December: Snap Bracelet
5th December: Crayon Eraser
6th December: Dice Eraser
7th December: Another Dice Eraser...
8th December: Stackable Pencil
9th December: Bone Highlighter
10th December: Twisty Eraser
11th December: ABC Stencil Ruler
12th December: Keyring

The Smiggle advent calendar is certainly fun and targeted perfectly towards its audience of children. I recieved this calendar at the Smiggle Bloggers Event last month, which was such a good event! I was excited for this advent calendar. I'm happy to say I'm not extremely disappointed (except from the 7th), even though the calendar is not targeted at my age range!

I have recieved 5 erasers in this advent calendar, which are all shaped quite quirky. I don't really use pencils but I think some of them are cute anyway! I love the crayon one as it is so different, I've never seen one like it. I was a bit disappointed about receiving the dice eraser twice, unless it is meant to be like that for a pair of dice but I don't really need two. Smiggle is aimed at children and as a child I would've used the erasers constantly.

I got a purple gel pen on the 2nd which was great as it was purple and that's my favourite colour. I'd use this to write gift tags for peoples birthdays as it's more fun than writing in a plain biro.  On the 3rd I got a bouncy ball, even as an 18 year old I will admit I still find these a bit fun to fill that few seconds of boredom. On the 4th I got a snap bracelet and I had a fair few minutes of fun playing with it, I am a child at heart clearly! I got a stackable pencil on the 8th, which will come in handy for all those erasers, I was happy about that so I get to use the erasers! I got a bone highlighter on the 9th, but this will come in handy for my college work and is shaped more fun than a regular highlighter. The ABC Stencil Ruler I received on the 11th is something I would have absolutely loved as a child, I think I may use this for arty projects. On the 12th I got the keyring, which is quite cute and you could even attach the clip to your belt loop for safe keeping.

If you have this calendar, are you enjoying it so far? 
I'll be updating you next on the 23rd December!
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