Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Festive Treats

This year for Christmas I decided to finally make Christmas chocolates to give out as presents. I bought some cellophane presentation bags from Lakeland alongside some stickers that say 'Home Made' to put it in, for added effect. The mould for the chocolates I also got from Lakeland, it is clearly the best place to pick up all the baking items you need!

All I did to make the chocolates was melt some Dairy Milk and spoon the chocolate into the moulds. I think when I make them for presents I'll be using a squeezy bottle of some sort to make them a bit neater! I then put them in the fridge to set, as this is what one of the women at Lakeland told me to do. She said to keep the chocolates in the fridge until I'm giving them out, otherwise they will return to their natural state. When I've made these for presents I'll package them up and put them in the fridge until they're ready to go!

Have you ever made home made chocolates?
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  1. These look so cute! I wouldn't listen to the woman about keeping them in the fridge though, they'll retain their shape anyway as the melting point for chocolate certainly isn't room temperature.
    My parents make chocolate from scratch and they actually sat in their moulds within a couple hours when left out at room temperature so they're definitely going to keep their shape after setting :)


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