Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Smiggle Bloggers Event

 Last Thursday, me and Chloe attended the Smiggle bloggers event in the Bullring. I wasn't sure what to expect really as I'd only heard of Smiggle a few weeks before. When we stepped inside the store I instantly thought, wow how colourful is this! One of the first things we did was smell the scented pencils, and oh my goodness they smelt beautiful. There was grape, strawberry, cookie and my personal favourite, chocolate! I don't think I'd actually be able to use that one as it smelt absolutely gorgeous and I'd want to eat it.

We were then shown the amazing colour changing pencils. The one I had was green with a yellow rubber, and when the pencil was rubbed it changed to yellow! I was amazed by this as I'd never seen anything like it. I then had a look at the rubbers, which were in all different shapes and sizes. There were some cute cake and doughnut rubbers which came in a little tub, a perfect present. Everything in the shop I was amazed by to be honest. The back of the shop looked amazing, the back wall filled with pens, pencils and highlighters. There were even loads of keyrings in all different sizes and letters, which I know I love!

The people at Smiggle were also very lovely and generous! We were each given a goody bag and an advent calendar to take home. In my goody bag I received a pin art star, a pen, macaron erasers and a pack of 30 gel pens. Thank you very much to Smiggle for having us - I had a lovely time and I look forward to visiting again soon.
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  1. Aww wow that sounded like such a nice event to go to! I heard they were opening a Smiggle in the Bullring and now I can't wait to go there soon. :D

    Scented pencils? I'm there!!!

  2. I honestly wish i had more of a reason to have stationary, cause this is amazing!
    Love Vicki ♥


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