Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lavish Alice AW2014 Wishlist

Floral Print Structured Playsuit - Platform Sandals - Stone Detailed Ring - Winged Clutch Bag - Tiger Earrings - Box Clutch - Sleeveless Mini Dress - Suede Court Heels
When I heard about the Lavish Alice Style Off competition, I immediately headed back over to their website to make a wishlist out of what I'd seen on there that had my eye on. My favourite thing in this wishlist is hands down the Red Sleeveless Mini Dress, I love red clothing and the dress style looks absolutely beautiful. I think the items I've put on the left of my wishlist would be a lovely smart casual daytime outfit, whilst the items on the right would make the perfect evening outfit. The winged clutch bag and tiger studs would go perfectly with the red dress, whilst the box clutch and stone detailed ring would look lovely with the floral print playsuit. 
Fancy giving it a go too? You can enter from the 1st October! Here's how:
Step 1: Create a wish list blog post with at least three Lavish Alice products, use the Style Off competition image displayed here to illustrate your post
Step 2: Email your submission to press@lavishalice.com by 17th October
Step 3: Share to Twitter and Instagram using #LASTYLEOFF
Step 4: LAHQ will pick their favourite 5 wish lists and send them a mystery item to style
Step 5: The 5 finalists will publish their blogpost with the mystery item
Step 6: LAHQ will pick the winning entry who will receive a £100 voucher and two runners up with receive a £25 voucher
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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Illamasqua Lipstick in Starkers

I was really happy to receive this lipstick in my Glamour Latest in Beauty Box, I love a good nude lipstick but I find it so hard to find one that suits me. I have quite dark lips already so light nudes just look odd on my lips, I just can't make them work. Luckily this is a darkish nude so it suits my lips perfectly, and also my pale complexion.

Now for the smell. I know exactly what this smells like...an original Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut. I know that may sound a bit strange but it genuinely does. After I swatched it I sat there sniffing for a good while. Mmm. If you like doughnuts, I think that could certainly make you buy this whether you wanted to or not!

The packaging is very simple, and that's why I like it. You can tell it is a high end product, in the glossy black packaging. You can also tell it's Illamasqua and unique with the shape of the packaging, being an indented rectangular shape. The formula of the lipstick is lovely. When you apply it, it feels creamy and luxurious. It has a satin finish, and is extremely pigmented, so you don't need to go over your lips more than once unless you want to. I found this lipstick stayed on for hours - and I only had to reapply after I had eaten for a second time since applying it. I think this will certainly be my go-to nude from now on.

What do you think of Illamasqua lipsticks? Is this the perfect nude?


Friday, 26 September 2014

Sun, Surf and Sandals

Dress* - Protest
Sandals - Debenhams by Melissa Odabash (No longer available)

This dress seems like the perfect dress to wear on holiday to the beach in Cornwall, I wish I'd had room to take it when I went away. I was sent this dress by the lovely people at Protest Clothing, and I think it's the perfect summery dress. I know summer has ended now but there is still a hint of warm weather so I can get some wear out of this. It's such a light and floaty material that you could wear this in really hot weather and still not be absolutely sweating. I also think it would be lovely to wear over a bikini abroad, as that is definitely where I would love to wear it. The dress is a good length if you don't want too much on show as well.

I decided to pair the dress with these gorgeous silver sandals I picked up from Debenhams around 5 years ago! The majority of the time they have just been sat in my wardrobe, so I thought I'd wear them with this dress as what is the point if they're just packed away?!

What would you wear with this dress?

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Yes, that is me with no make up, not a huge shocker as I have put a no make up photo up before. I thought I'd take part in #ProjectBareAll started by Megan from Thumbelina Lillie, her post made me want to join in, as us girls really do need to be more confident in our own skin.

I've always been fond of make up in the way it transforms people, and make up from different eras has always been fascinating to look at. I've loved lipstick since I was a little girl, putting my Mom's lipstick on my teddy bears nose...I don't think she was too pleased. I used to wear the odd bit of lipstick and mascara to a party and school discos. When I got to secondary school I didn't really wear make up, until year 8 where I wore mascara. Then in year 9, I experimented with more make up such as Dream Matte Mousse...eugh, blush, cream eyeshadow and a dodgy coloured powder. I stopped wearing make up except mascara again all throughout school. When I got to college most days I would roll out of bed, brush my teeth, cleanse, tone and moisturise then be too tired to be bothered about make up.

However, just before the start of the second year of college I really got into make up and that's when I started my beauty blog. I started making more of an effort for college and then felt disgusting when I went out without make up on. This was mainly because one day I didn't put make up on, someone said to me, "Are you feeling ill? You look really ill". I was feeling perfectly fine and was my normal skin colour! I cared so much that someone had said that to me. Then I let my opinion become the best opinion of myself. Why should we care what other people may think? 

Even though I'm required to wear make up for college, I can go out without make up on, and as cheesy as it sounds what matters really is on the inside. If you have a beautiful personality - people will take more notice of that than whether you have the most airbrushed face there is to have. The important things in life should not be whether we spend an hour making ourselves look gorgeous in the morning, that is why I have changed my priorities and when I can, bare all.

Megan from Thumbelina Lillie started #ProjectBareAll and you can read her post here.
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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Crest 3D Whitestrips Professional Effects

Before using Crest Whitestrips

My teeth are discoloured mostly due to the fact I drink Pepsi Max every single day. Really not good for your teeth, I've been told to stop by my dentist many times but if you like something that doesn't harm your health as such why should you have to stop?! Eventually I decided enough was enough and got fed up of talking to people with my mouth nearly closed as I felt so self concious about my teeth. I bought my Crest Whitestrips off eBay, around the £20 mark. Make sure to check the feedback, you don't want to be buying any dodgy knock offs - certainly don't buy them from sellers from Hong Kong!

Day 1 (Sunday 17th): I wasn't really sure what to expect the first time using these. My instant thoughts when I first put them in was wow, these are really uncomfortable! Part of my instructions had rubbed off saying 'align with gum line' and I had unfortunately stuck them over my gums, pretty painful. One of my teeth was aching so badly. I sat there for the whole 30 minutes with tissue under my mouth as due to the strips there was that much saliva. (Eugh!) After I took them off I felt so relieved but knew I'd have 9 more days of uncomfortable half an hours. A lot of discomfort and pain today.

Day 2 (Monday 18th): Today was better, I popped the strips on and waited the 30 minutes without frothing at the mouth haha. It was probably because I distracted myself from the strips by watching the SacconeJoly's and learnt from my faux pas of yesterday sticking them on my gums and moved them down to where my teeth actually start. No pain or discomfort today.

Day 3 (Tuesday 19th): I didn't really notice anything today except the fact I wanted to go to sleep, the 30 minutes went pretty quickly. No pain or discomfort today.

Day 4 (Wednesday 20th): I thought I was too tired to put the whitening strips on tonight but I did anyway so I'd only have to use them for 4 nights on holiday rather than 5/6. There was a bit of extra saliva but nothing quite a few tissues couldn't handle. I had no pain, just uncomfortable.

Day 5 (Thursday 21st) : Today was pretty uncomfortable again but only because I also have a sore throat so I felt like my mouth was trying to kill me by being in that much pain. Also I stuck the bottom strip a bit funny and it was a bit like when you've stuck sellotape together, except it was flapping around in my mouth. I took them off and felt my teeth were a lot whiter than when I started, making me want to carry on even more. No pain today, just uncomfortable.

Day 6 (Friday 22nd): Tonight I really couldn't be bothered to put the white strips on because I knew how early I had to wake up the next morning. However, I still did as I wanted my teeth whiter faster! I didn't really notice they were on, I just couldn't wait to take them off! No pain or discomfort today.

Day 7, 8, 9 & 10 (Sat 23rd, Sun 24th, Mon 25th, Tues 26th): I was on holiday on the last 4 days of my white strips, so I just put them on before going to bed and didn't really notice them. No pain or discomfort, just glad to have finished them for now!
After using Crest Whitestrips
Overall, I'm extremely happy with the results. You are meant to use 20 days worth of strips to get the full effect claimed by Crest, but it was cheaper to just get 10! I might use another 10 later in the year, to see how much whiter they will make my teeth. I think the Crest Whitestrips were so effective for me as I used them every single day, I switched my toothpaste to Oral B 3D White and also stopped drinking Pepsi at home, only drinking it out through a straw. I've switched to drinking blackcurrant squash religiously, and I've found that doesn't stain my teeth. One thing I'm making sure of is if I eat any foods that could stain my teeth to brush or rinse them afterwards. I now feel more confident smiling and not talking muffled speech to people because I don't want them to see my teeth. They're still not perfect and there's still a bit of staining around the tops of my teeth, but in person I can see so much of a difference compared to before. Everyone has been telling me how much whiter my teeth look, so that's a bonus!

Have you tried Crest Whitestrips? Did you find them to be effective?
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Friday, 19 September 2014

Nanshy Masterful Collection

I am a brush addict and I am slowly but surely running out of space for all of my make up brushes. However, this collection has caught my eye. Nanshy kindly sent me a sample of the new Blending brush* from the Masterful Collection, and I can safely say this is one of the softest brushes I've felt! It blends eyeshadow so well, and I'd say the quality is certainly on par with my MAC 217 brush. The brushes are made of synthetic hair which makes them super soft, and they are also cruelty free which is a great bonus. 

For the first time, Nanshy brushes are available in a choice of colours, either Onyx Black or Pearlescent White. I personally have my eye on the Onyx Black brushes! The Masterful Collection includes the following brushes: Powder, Blush, Stippling, Contouring, Foundation, Blending, Crease, Shader, Angled Detailer, Pencil, Liner and Lip. You can find more out about the collection and each brush here. This collection has every brush you need, with the quality of high end brushes and the price of drugstore, you can't argue that's a good deal.

You can sign up here to be notified about the release of the Masterful Collection!

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Feeling Sporty

Top* - Protest Clothing
Boyfriend Shorts - H&M (No longer available)
Trainers - Nike (Roshe Run)

Now I never really feel sporty but this outfit definitely looks like I was about to go out for a run! If I was to do that I'd definitely change the shorts! I was sent this vest top by Protest Clothing, and it is a perfect transitional top to wear before those colder Autumn months, especially with the colour it is. I paired it with shorts as that's how I felt it looked best, although it would also look lovely with some jeans. I love how there are two breast-pockets overlapping and one is patterned, so the vest isn't entirely plain. I picked up the shorts from H&M around two years ago but I've only really started wearing them this year, they're perfect for warm days.

I thought I'd sneak my gorgeous Roshe Runs into this post as I thought they fit super well. I actually bought mine from ASOS a few months ago for about £50 instead of £70 which I was really happy with. They're the comfiest shoes ever and I never, ever thought I'd wear trainers. They literally feel like you're walking on air. I'd love more pairs in different colours but I think I'll leave that for now! 

Do you ever have sporty looking days?
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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Starting Out in Nail Art

Rio Nail Artist Starter Kit* - £19.99

I originally heard of Rio Nails many years ago, whilst flicking through the Argos catalogue. I'd look through all the amazing sets and the nail art next to it, thinking I'd love one of these! Luckily when I organised a blogger meet up I was kindly sent a starter kit, which I am so grateful for, and was amazed when I saw what it actually included!

Included in the kit is a black nail art pen, a bottle of red polish, a bottle of white polish, 4 different glitters, a rhinestone wheel, a dotting tool, a fan brush, a flat-head brush and a fine detailing brush. A bonus - you even get a DVD! I was extremely happy about this as you actually get to feel like you have a clue what you're doing! For £19.99 it's packed to the brim with everything you'd need to get started.  It's really easy to use, with the choice of 3 different brushes to create the correct effect and a DVD to follow. I've had no problems with it! I wish I'd had something like this when I first got interested in nail art a few years ago, I'm glad I have it now so I can maybe progress from still starting out.

The quality of the Rio Nails products is amazing. I didn't know what to expect quality wise but they're definitely a step up from a Claire's nail art set I picked up quite a few years ago now. The nail art you do really does last!

I think this would be a great gift to give someone for their birthday or Christmas if they love nails or want to get started out in nail art. It really is the perfect kit. For the more advanced in Nail Art they have loads of kits and separates on their website in every colour you can think of, so there is something for every nail enthusiast. 
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Friday, 12 September 2014

Barry M Loud Mouth

To say these are Extreme Lip Colours is an understatement. These amazing lip colours make your lips pop completely. I was kindly sent the colours Show Off* and Diva* which are two gorgeous and completely different colours; by Shopcade. Show Off is a bright pink with a hint of coral in my opinion, and it looks so summery and stunning with a summery make up look. Diva reminds me the teeniest bit of MAC Diva...I don't own it but I've seen it on many people! 

The pigmentation is incredible. The colour in the tubes is exactly what is transferred to your lips, as you can probably see in the swatches. When I swatched these, they literally wouldn't come off my wrist. They stained all the way up my arm when I was trying to wash them off, they wouldn't even come off after being scrubbed with a nail brush! Then when I wore them on my lips it was pretty much the same! They stayed through food and drink (which I can't say for many other lip products with a similar formula) and took a good scrubbing off my lips with some of my Garnier micellar water. 

The only downside I had with these is they were really hard to apply straight out the tube, the product just went everywhere, I'd recommend the use of a brush so they don't end up all over your face! 

If you're looking for something to make your lips stand out, definitely check out these. They are currently buy one get one half price in Boots, and come in 7 different shades so you can take your pick!

Have you tried the Barry M Loud Mouth Extreme Lip Colours?

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Festival Beauty with Revlon

I know, I know, by now most big festivals are over - I simply have not had time to put up this post! Naughty me! I thought I'd post it anyway as this is the make up look I would wear to a festival. I'd never really tried much Revlon make up before this, and it is amazing! Everyone knows during festivals us girls work our hardest to create our 'festival look' for all those photos we'll take, and this is why I've planned it out for you girls that want to feel like it's still summer and you still have a festival to go to.

First up for my base, I used Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer*, which helps to create a smooth base for your foundation. I always use a primer as it helps your make up to stay put throughout the day, and this is one of my favourites, as it really does work. I then used Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Sand Beige* which is the perfect tan shade for me, and I'd certainly be tanning for a festival as it's all summery! It's important to use a long lasting foundation if you're out all day, and this Revlon one is meant to last for 24 hours, perfect for those early morning to late night festivals! 

I then applied Revlon Racy Rose Blush* to the apples of my cheeks, a perfect summery colour, certainly perfect for a festival. I always make sure to use blush to complete a look. I then highlighted and contoured using the Revlon Highlighting Palette in Bronze Glow* giving a subtle bronze shimmer to my face, making it look warm for festival season. 

I then used the Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Blonde* to first pencil in my brow shape, before setting them with the coloured gel on the other end. I don't think any girl that wears make up nowadays leaves their eyebrows alone! I then was super excited to apply the Revlon Lash Potion Mascara* which left my lashes looking so long and curled. I'm hoping the potion part actually works! I finished off with a coat of Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait* which adds a gorgeous subtle hint of colour to the lips!

Have you tried Revlon make up before? Would you wear this look to a festival?

P.S. Sorry the lighting is a bit awful on the photos - I took them at night!
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Friday, 5 September 2014


Yes, indeed a picture heavy post for some, I minimised the amount of photos I wanted to use for this post to 7 out of 800. Whilst on holiday I love taking mass amounts of photos, which wasn't always possible! Now I have my Canon 600D it is, and it kind of  takes me back to when I used to go on holiday when I was little, lugging around my Mom's 'heavy' Canon SLR and being limited to the amount of photos I could take. Film was/is expensive! I've loved photography since I was little basically, and going on holiday is the perfect excuse to crack the camera out and take photos of anything and everything. This holiday, Ryan also had a fair go with my camera and I think he rather enjoyed taking all those photos.

We (Ryan, his family and me) headed towards Newquay on early Saturday morning (23rd August) and as always I was excited, I love long car journeys! I went to sleep most of the way, with my headphones all down my face, lovely image! When we arrived at Hendra, we had a look around then went for a drink in one of the bars before chilling back at the caravan. On the Sunday, we headed to Crealy, it was funny to watch my boyfriend and his brothers on all the rides and slides! It was a really cold day and one of the parts I most enjoyed was seeing all the cute little animals inside. On the Monday, we just went swimming in the Oasis Fun Pools as the weather was terrible! It was raining and freezing for the majority of the day and it was nice to get into the warm bits of the pool. The weather did cheer up a bit and we were going to go into the outside pool but I put my foot in...it was freezing! On Tuesday, we went to Healey's Cyder Farm. I loved seeing how cider was made as it's one of my favourite drinks. Me and Ryan were quite happy with the tasting session, which basically felt like a drinking game with strangers haha! We went on a little tractor ride there and got to see the orchards, which was lovely. I then spent time in the gift shop picking up many bottles of Rattler. On Wednesday, me and Ryan headed into Newquay and the weather was really bad. We were freezing and walking up hills in the rain, it really wasn't fun! But we had a nice time out anyway and after walking around we had some chips then went on our walk back up the hills in the rain! 

Thursday was my absolutely favourite day of the holiday. We all headed to Land's End, which is a very beautiful place. We took loads of photos, walked along the hills, bought some overpriced chips and doughnuts. It was so windy but I already knew this which is why I tied my hair into a tight bun, luckily! It was fun having a walk around and seeing such lovely sights. Then we got in the car, and on the way back we went to Hayle Beach. My favourite place ever. At least my favourite beach. I remember coming here when I was little, and I was as excited as I was when I was little. That's where the photo on the rocks above was taken! I obviously went for a paddle in the sea, because who goes to a beach to not paddle at least?! On Friday, we went to Newquay Zoo, and it was awful weather again. Cold and rainy! I'd been to this zoo before, but now they have penguins, my favourite and I was so excited. One of them got so close to me! It was lovely seeing all the cute and massive animals. 

However, on Saturday it was time to leave. The weather had perked up a bit, and we went back to Crealy with our 7 day pass thing! We stayed for quite a while and again I found it funny taking photos of everyone on the rides and slides. Then we left to be on our journey home. I had a lovely holiday, it would've been made amazing if the weather was good but we made the most of it!
Have you been to any of these places?
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