Friday, 4 April 2014

Mr. Nutcase Ultra Lightweight Slimline Case

Ultra Light Weight Slimline Case* - £14.95

Recently Mr.Nutcase offered me a free phone case. I was so excited to get on the website and start designing my case. I chose the Ultra Lightweight Slimline case for my iPhone 4. I was spoilt for choice of designs, and decided on the lovely heart one above as you can see! This allowed me to choose 20 photos, a few of me and my boyfriend, a few of my family, a few friends and some micellanious photos (I had to include the penguin). After arranging all the photos where I wanted them, I then chose this gorgeous purple colour, my favourite colour! It was so easy to create - and I've since learned you can use their app to make one..silly me! 

On my phone, this feels as if you barely have a case on, which I like as I've only ever had chunky cases before. A lot of people have seen me using my phone and asked me where I got it, these personalised cases are such a hit, and definitely cheaper than most of the other brands I have seen offering them. I've had my phone for nearly two years so it is nice to update it with a lovely personalised case!
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