Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Lauren's Way Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse

Velvotan The Self Tan Applicator Mitt - £2.99

I bought the Lauren's Way Self-Tan in Medium after seeing before and after pictures on twitter. I have never fake tanned before, and wanted to start as I was fed up of having pale legs! 24 hours before I applied the tan, I shaved and then exfoliated. I applied moisturiser on my knees, elbows and face so that the tan didn't cling too much to those dry areas. It didn't take long to apply the tan, and it dried really quickly, so I could put my shirt on for bed straight away. I tanned my whole body before going to bed, to let the tan develop. They recommend you leave the tan for a minimum of 8 hours and I left the tan for about 10/11 hours, then went in the shower and washed it off to reveal a beautiful tan! I had no streaks and the colour was even all over!

My tan lasted for about a week - which I think is a great amount of time as it won't feel like a chore to apply it once a week. I love how natural it looks, and how many compliments I received on it, and I felt so much more confident getting my legs out with tan on! This will certainly be my go-to product for Summer, I absolutely love it. If you're a first time tanner like I was, this is certainly for you.
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