Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush

Hello everyone! Recently I was watching one of Pixiwoo's videos and saw they were using their new silicone liner brush. As soon as the video finished, I was on Amazon looking to buy it! I thought it was an amazing idea - and thought it'd make eyeliner application so much easier for a novice like me.

This is the best brush by far I've used for Gel Liner, I use it with Maybelline Gel Liner and it works so well. You simply apply the liner to the brush as you usually would, then the gel literally GLIDES on. When I say it glides on, I mean you could get a perfect line in one stroke. Literally. I love this brush because you can create a super thin line, which is amazing for tiny eyes like mine! It also makes winged liner so easy, I've always had trouble with this and since using the silicone liner brush I can actually apply liner properly! Yay!

The liner doesn't clump up like it does on some brushes, so you get a perfect line each time without having a wonky line. The brush is also extremely easy to wash, you can simply wash it with baby shampoo and dry it straight away with a towel, and use it again. If you want that perfect liner - this brush is your holy grail.
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  1. I need this. I need this so much. Great review!

    Kerry x

  2. I've never seen a brush like this before but it looks like it would work really well- especially as it is silicone. Great review! xx

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  3. I've not heard about this brush before, I have the liner brush from the starter set which is too thick for my liner but this looks amazing. May have to grab it whilst Boots 3 for 2 is on.

    alice xxx | beauty blog | beauty channel

  4. This brush looks like it should definitely make its way into my makeup bag! I always find gel eyeliner so difficult to apply neatly, so defo giving this one a try! Great post :)

  5. I need this too looks so easy to clean also. x


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