Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Moroccan Oil Treatment

I absolutely love finding a hair product that helps the condition of my hair to improve, so when I was at the hair salon a while back, I picked up the Moroccan Oil Treatment. It was originally used on my hair by my hairdresser last year, and my hair felt so silky soft I had to ask what she'd used. The price initially shocked me (before I blogged!) so I didn't buy any - however this product is definitely worth the price you pay. I have been using this for just over a month, and before I'd started using it my hair was awfully dry! Now my hair feels soft and silky, the treatment is obviously working it's magic as it's the only product I have changed in my haircare routine in the past few months. I am amazed that just one product can improve your hair greatly. If you are considering buying Moroccan Oil Treatment to help your dry ends, order it. You will be amazed. I absolutely love what this product does to my hair, next time I will definitely repurchase the larger size as I know I love it!
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  1. I have often looked at this but never picked it up, as it seemed a little expensive to me, but you have convinced me that I really need to try this out :) xx

  2. Hi Katrina! I'll have to check this out since my hair has gone to a pretty crap condition and I'm really trying to grow it long! x

  3. I need this back in my life! The thing I love about it is you can use dry as a treatment, on wet hair before styling and it just never seems to weigh down my hair. Since mine ran out I've tried so many different oils and nothing quite compares to this one :) x


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