Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Tanya Burr Lips & Nails

Hello everyone! Recently Tanya Burr released her Lips and Nails range, and I clearly wasn't the only one who was excited about it! I'm seeing these everywhere on blogs and YouTube, and everyone seems to be loving them! Now I've used them long enough for a proper review, I'm really excited to tell you my thoughts on these products!

When the collection was released, I had just got back to my boyfriend's house from college and was there waiting on Feel Unique for 6pm. I hadn't decided what lip gloss shade I was going to pick - so this was just on a whim! I picked Champagne Toast - a nude glittery shade, perfect to wear on its own or put on top of a lipstick!

The applicator makes the lip gloss really easy to just glide onto your lips, therefore making for a quick easy application! Always a good thing! I noticed after putting this on my lips that it wasn't sticky - amazing! I always associate lip gloss with stickiness so I was glad this wasn't. This lip gloss stayed put well, perfect for all night wear! To be completely honest though, the thing I love most about this lip gloss is the smell! It smells so fruity and nice - I absolutely love it.

As you can see below, this is a gorgeous shade that just adds that little bit extra to your lips when you need it! I have always had a love/hate relationship with lip glosses and I'm happy to say I certainly love this one!

Unlike the lip gloss, the nail polish shade I had planned out in my head since Tanya mentioned it in her video was Penguin Chic(k). I absolutely love penguins, so this was certainly the one for me regardless of the colour. It is a gorgeous colour though, a grey-purpley-taupe, I know I'm awful perfect at naming colours aren't I! The application was easy and the dry time was super quick, making its way easily into my good books.

 The wear of the nail polish is AMAZING. The swatch on my nails was taken 7 days after application, and there was only one little chip! I didn't use a top coat either, so the quality is certainly great.

Congratulations to Tanya, for making a great collection! P.S. I need to buy a lot more!
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  1. As if it the nail varnish lasts that long! I deffs will be looking into getting some!

  2. Seriously 7 days later?? That is an amazing nail polish! Oh I would just LOVE to be a blogger creating my own makeup line! So cool!!!


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    1. I love the lipgloss shade! I need to get some of Tanya burrs products!

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