Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo

Hello everyone! A while ago I picked up this shampoo in Boots when there was a 3 for 2 offer on, as I just wanted to try something new!

Now, I know you could say there's not 'much' to shampoo, it's meant to wash your hair and keep it healthy. However the longevity of the cleanliness and whether it makes your hair greasy or dry is also a massive factor!

The shampoo itself is a thick, gel like formula. I found it hard to lather compared to other shampoos, and had to use quite a lot of product to get it to lather all over my hair. The smell of the shampoo is gorgeous, it smells like sweets! 

I found it hard near the end of the tube to get any product out and had to squeeze it seriously hard. I've never used another shampoo in this type of packaging so it may just be that I prefer a bottle that I can squeeze the last little bits out of.

After washing my hair with this, my hair didn't feel as clean as it does with other shampoos - it felt like it needed a wash pretty much the next morning. It made my hair feel weirdly greasy and dry at the same time, and it certainly didn't make my hair feel soft.

I wouldn't use or buy this again, it really didn't suit my combination hair type of oily roots and dry ends. I'm normally a huge Soap & Glory fan so I was disappointed that this didn't work for me!
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  1. I found the same problems with this, I had the a lot left at the bottom for ages because it was just too much effort to get it out. I'm was really surprised because I usually love Soap & Glory products. Good post though :) xx


  2. I have not tried any Soap and Glory products yet! :( really want to try the body/lip butters the shampoo sounds really nice too, smell wise as I love anything that smells sweet and the TIGI bedhead volume shampoo smells like skittles :P sorry to hear this never worked for you and thanks for the honest review I don't think I will buy this! xx


    1. I would say most of the other body products are worth trying, the body butters are amazing! :)
      Thank you for reading xx


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