Friday, 7 February 2014

MAC Lipstick in Russian Red

 Hello everyone! In between my 18th birthday and my party, I went on a small shopping trip with two of my friends. Before I stepped foot into the MAC store in town, I was unsure whether to pick up Ruby Woo or Russian Red, even after looking through so many swatches online! I asked a woman in the MAC store to swatch them for me and I had decided as soon as I saw them both on my hand that Russian Red was the one for me.

I have mentioned before how I love the sleek black and glittery packaging of MAC lipsticks, they look so sophisticated and definitely look a cut above drugstore lipsticks.

Russian Red is a deep red with a perfect matte finish. To me, it doesn't feel drying on the lips and has such an easy application! Before applying this I do exfoliate my lips and apply lip balm - just to make sure my lips don't look weird and flaky.

This lipstick lasts such a long time. I wore it at my 18th birthday party, I applied it at 5pm and it still hadn't worn off by 1am! Even after many drinks, there was no need for a touch up. I kept asking everyone if my lipstick was still on, and I was surprised when everyone kept saying 'YES!'. I'm still astounded it stayed on for 8 hours!

You can buy MAC Russian Red from any MAC shop or counter, and you can buy it online for £15.
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  1. So beautiful! I really need this colour. It looks like my perfect red - much more than Ruby Woo which I found way too drying. Lovely review!

    Kerry x

  2. I have and love this shade, great it lasted you 8 hours!

  3. Gorgeous colour, I normally go for Ruby Woo but I'll have a look at this next time!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I love reds so much, I haven't tried Ruby Woo actually on my lips but I think deeper reds suit me more! xx

  4. I had the exact same dilemma, but I went with Ruby Woo instead! Russian Red is next on my purchase list!

    Diary of a Debutante

    1. It's so beautiful! They both are - but I thought Russian Red would suit me more! :) xx

  5. Good choice!! I've got a few reds but not Russian Red yet. Might have to pick it up for myself soon.

    Sharon x

    1. It's absolutely beautiful! :) I think I need to cut down on the reds though a bit! xx


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