Sunday, 2 February 2014

Body Brushing!

Hello everyone! A short-ish post today. I have been using body brushing as a technique for a while, and thought I'd let everyone that doesn't know about it hear about it.

I started body brushing a while ago. For those who don't know, this helps to 'get rid' of cellulite, which I have so badly. I put get rid of lightly, because I think you'd have to carry on body brushing regularly forever for cellulite to go away completely. 

Body Brushing helps to stimulate circulation, which in turn improves your circulation and can improve your immune system greatly. When I first began to body brush, I had only heard of the cellulite benefits, but now I've realised it helps your health so much more! 

I always dry body brush before a bath or shower, at first you're meant to start off gently then get more firm as you get used to it! I do a mixture of both depending on where I am brushing. I have seen the effects of it working, and it is needless to say I am quite impressed! Obviously if you team body brushing with regular exercise it will improve your health and cellulite greatly.

Image from Flowing Free.

The diagram above shows you the directions you are meant to brush in, as these are the directions towards the heart. 

There is a basic body brush for £4.99 on the Boots website, and one like mine for £8.

Have you tried body brushing? What do you think of this?
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  1. I try to remember to use my body brush, but usually forget. That diagram is really helpful, will try to remember how to do it properly tomorrow! x

    1. That's what I was like before! :) It works wonders xx

  2. I love this post as I've wondered about body brushing myself. Funny enough I only new about the circulatory benefits and not the cellulite part. Hear how you're seeing results was the push I needed to give it a try myself.

    xx, TT

    1. Ah I didn't know about those beforehand! :) xx

  3. Great post. I never knew about the circulatory benefits. I just assumed you brushed in circular motions, oops!
    I will be purchasing a body brush from The Body Shop for sure!

    Peach Pow XO

  4. I've always wondered what those brushes do ahaha ( I feel so silly saying that).Very Informative post and I'm delighted to hear its working x

    1. Don't feel silly, I wondered that too before I found out about body brushing! :)
      Thank you xx


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