Saturday, 11 January 2014

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

Hello everyone! Last month whilst I was Christmas Shopping in the Bullring in town (Birmingham), I chose to go and get colour matched at Illamasqua in Selfridges for the Skin Base Foundation, as I had heard so many good reviews about it. 

I'm extremely sorry that this is the only picture I have and it's not amazing - it's hard to get good lighting at all in my house at any time of year, especially winter!

First of all, the packaging is stylish and handy. It's good because this foundation is not in a glass bottle, that you don't have to worry about dropping it anywhere! Also, it is quite a small bottle and because it's curved it can fit in a make up bag with loads of other products easily. As you can probably tell, it doesn't have a pump. Normally this would be a huge downside cause I could imagine myself tipping the whole bottle out over my nice black carpet (not a good look) but it is actually a squeezy bottle! If you know how much foundation you normally use with a pump, then you won't use too much and waste it.

The coverage is buildable, I wear this light to medium in the daytime and go for a medium to heavy look if I'm going out or to a party. I originally chose this because it had no SPF, which I think is great when you're somewhere you may have photos taken of you. 

This makes your skin look glowing, but in a natural way and not a shiny way. I'm not a fan of matte foundations on myself as I feel they don't look natural enough for the look I go for. I'd heard before buying it that it was not great for oily skin, but still decided to try it anyway. I'm glad I did, because I only have to top it up with powder once a day, which I don't think is too much at all!

The shade I was matched to is SB04 but I am quite pale, so originally, the woman at the counter started putting SB02 on me and realised I wasn't as pale as I looked! I would say this foundation literally has a shade for every skin tone, ranging from SB01 to SB18. 

I am very happy with my purchase, and don't think £27 for 30ml is a huge amount to pay for a foundation as good as this. You can buy this on the Illamasqua website.

Have you ever used Illamasqua foundation before?

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  1. I have been wanting to try this foundation for ages, sadly there isn't an illamasqua counter near me though :( sucks! Your review is ace hun, makes me want it even more :) xxx


    1. Aww that's not good :(
      & Thank you!

      Katrina xx

  2. I was thinking about going to Bullring next Saturday to do a bit of shopping, will definitely have to visit the Illamasqua counter and get myself colour matched since I've been thinking about buying this for quite a while now. Great Review! x

    1. Go for it :) They're lovely people!
      Thank you!

      Katrina xx


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