Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Ciaté Mini Mani Month - Weekly Round Up 2/3

Hello everyone! We have just got past the second week in Ciaté Mini Mani Month and I thought I'd show you what I have received!

Day 9 -  Pillow Fight

This is a lovely grey colour, with a hint of purple. I absolutely love this colour, I'm weirdly a big fan of grey polishes!

Day 10 - Speed Coat

I was excited to receive this in my calendar as I wasn't expecting it! I've never had a 'higher end' brand of top coat (except Essie's Matte About You) so I'm excited to use this.

Day 11 - Jingle Belle

This is an amazing girly glitter, it would look so good over any pink polish! I can't wait to use this.

Day 12 - Pepperminty

I already have a full size bottle of Pepperminty, and you can see my review of it here.

Day 13 - Ferris Wheel

This is a gorgeous pastel blue colour, which will be perfect for Summer. Also, for wintery icy snowflake manicures!

Day 14 - Party Shoes

A beautiful gold glitter top coat. This would look beautiful layered over Boudoir for a Festive manicure.

Day 15 - Play Date

This is a darker bright pink (I hope that makes sense) and it's extreeeemely girly! I have no idea when I'll wear this but I'm sure I will at some point.

Hopefully more Mini Mani Month fun from me on the 22nd! 
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