Monday, 9 December 2013

Ciaté Mini Mani Month - Weekly Round Up 1/3

Hello everyone! This post was meant to go up yesterday but my laptop decided it didn't want to play along! I have been enjoying my Ciaté Mini Mani Month for the past week, and thought I would show you the polishes I have received so far! 

Day 2 - Boudoir

This polish is a Créme finish, and is a lovely bright red. It's the perfect red to have!

 Day 3 - Hopscotch

This polish is a Créme finish, and is a gorgeous bright orange colour. I've never owned an orange polish before so I look forward to trying this out!

Day 4 - Miss Mistletoe

This is a beautiful pink and gold sequin pot, I can't wait to use it! I got in a bit of a mess with this one, accidentally getting it all over my carpet, oops!

Day 5 - Encore

This polish is a Créme finish and is described as a 'muted orange' on the Ciaté website, I think it looks a coral colour. I'm excited to use this as I've never owned a polish like this before.

Day 6 - Sugar Plum

This is a gorgeous lilac colour, one of my favourite colours! I love this polish so much. This looks amazing next to 'Fit for a Queen' on the swatch, so I think they'd be a great match also!

Day 7 - Fit for a Queen

This polish is a Shimmer finish, a beautiful silver perfect for the ring fingers! I loved the quote in the 7th window.

Day 8 - Kiss Chase

This polish has a Créme finish and is the girliest pink I own! I absolutely love this, to think this time last year I couldn't stand pink I now love it again!

I'll be back with more Ciaté Mini Mani Month fun on the 15th! If you love any of the colours above comment below! :) 
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